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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Big Red and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

It’s been a while since my last update. It feels like the last week has flown by. Speaking of flying by…So, the new job, eh? I like it. I look at the clock everyday and am amazed, literally amazed, that it’s 4:30. I used to count the minutes at [Insert Company Name Here] and now I’m so busy learning and doing stuff to notice the clock. Imagine that, doing stuff. Getting paid to work. Feels nice.

I’ve been thinking of how to refer to this new company here, and so Big Red is born. Hopefully there won’t be too many rants about this new place but I’m sure there will be. No work environment is perfect and with the nature of the business, I’m bound to run into some dumb-ass clients. I can only hope they will be funny dumb-asses at least.

On a slightly different note, Lauren’s favorite new book for me to read (sing) to her is The Twelve Days of Christmas. I try to read it once and hide it because damn that song is annoying. But she loves it. What’s a good mommy supposed to do? And why couldn’t they have made it The Six Days of Christmas??

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It Finally Happened

Sweet Merciful Crap!! My prayers have been answered, I have been granted my wish.

I have a new job. So, as it turns out, I am employable. God, for awhile there I was really worried I had some weird problem that I was completely oblivious to. You know like, when you have food stuck in your teeth and no one tells you.

I AM FREE!! Well, on Thursday I will be free.

And to this I say. I am proud of myself because I got this job on my own. No contacts, no friends of friends helped me out (not that I think that's a bad thing at all). They wanted me, for me.

Good bye [Insert Company Name Here], I will miss you all. Aside from the crappy work, I really did love the company. All the fun events, the laughs, the guaranteed cake once a month, drinking beer on company time, the ability to wear jeans and a t-shirt and not brush my hair. Good times...

To the Asshole, a big Fuck you, loser. Don't let my ass hit you in the face on the way out the door.


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is Sparta!

If you're looking for a movie with hundreds of pints of animated blood, flying limbs, no substantial plot line and a whole lot of ripped(and I mean ripped, prrrrr) guys, I highly recommend '300'.

Go see it, you know you want to.


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Sunday, March 11, 2007


I can now giggle to myself whenever I see the asshole because he got what he deserved. Though I can't go into details about it, I can say that if you treat people like shit, people won't go out of their way to not treat you like shit right back. He got his come-up-ins. Come up in my face mother-f***er, and I'll get you where it hurts.

I bet not paying me for those two weeks seems pretty stupid and petty now.

This might seem a bit cryptic, and if was American, I would plead the fifth.


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Notes From Thursday

The asshole is away for two days and I can finally breathe again. I actually got up from desk, not to run to the printer or meet with the asshole, but to chat with someone. For the last three days, I've been afraid to turn my head the wrong way. It'll be a nice two days. I even smiled and laughed today.

Pumpkin has a horrible diaper rash. So mean and angry that I'm pretty sure I saw a 666 scrawled on her cute little bum. Poor thing would barely even let me touch her with a lukewarm facecloth. Thank god for Suedocrem diaper rash cream. I spread it so thick, I should have used a trowel.

Two really great things happened today. I got HR to date and sign my copy of my Employee Contract. Why is this so great? Because not only is my job title my old one from the project I loved, but no one even signed the damn contract besides me. I am technically bound by nothing. Secondly, I finally got a call about a job I applied for. I had to uncross all my fingers just to call them back. Right after I hung up from the pre-screening interview process, I recrossed all my fingers.

Oh Goddess Fortuna, thank you for all the free Tim's coffee, but what I would really like is a new job. Keep that fortune wheel on the high for a while, please!

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Monday, March 05, 2007

First Day Back Non-Shock

I got it. Though it came with a nice slap in the face. It went something like, Sorry for yelling but you're still one of the worst employees here. Honestly, I really don't understand where this is coming from. I know they hold a grudge against me because I choose family over overtime, but I do it if I have to. I've been racking my brain trying to think back to when I was told that my work wasn't good enough. So far, I've come up empty. You would think that if someone complained about me, HR would have come to me about it to try and rectify the issue.

I do remember the night I had to work OT and an hour into it I still hadn't done anything because they couldn't figure out where to start. I spoke up and said that if I had to be there I was going to make it worthwhile and to please give me work now so I can out of here asap. Do you think they remember that?? Fifteen or so people staying late to work and the "worst worker" ended up taking charge and getting shit done. I also ended up being one of the last people to leave that night.

I guess I shouldn't have expected much this morning. It makes me so angry having to be stuck there and trying to put an effort into something that I know is just going to be used against me if I so much as spell something wrong. They don't want me there if all I plan on giving is the bare minimum. Well that's all you get if you plan on treating me like garbage and conveniently forgetting all the good things I've done.

The squeaky wheel get the grease, eh? As I said to a good friend tonight, eventually the squeaky wheel will stop turning if no one greases it. I didn't get greased for seven months and my wheel finally stopped turning. Why bother asking for more help when I haven't been giving any to begin with. They tried to put it back on me by saying that I should've come and asked for more help. Well, I hadn't gotten anywhere in seven months, what makes me think this time will be any different? Besides, I thought I did ask for help when I told my director I didn't know what I was doing.


I really hope that my high for this month won't just be the free coffee I won today playing Rrrroll up the Rim.


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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Two Weeks Gone Too Fast

Tomorrow I go back to work. I'm not sure how it will work out. I have a meeting in the morning to discuss the plan for finally training me properly.

My plan is to show up to the meeting and wait for an apology from the asshole. I'm not going to hold my breath because I'm pretty sure he'd rather scrape out his eyeballs with a rusty garden hoe than admit he treated me the way he did.

I'm afraid how the meeting will go. I'm afraid to explain to everyone why I was out for so long. I'm most afraid that I won't get a call for all my job searching the last two weeks and be forced to stay at [Insert company name here] more than the one month timeline I've allotted myself to hear back about another job.

Two things will help me make it through tomorrow: knowing that I am a better person than him, and my Ativan. Perhaps I will offer him one before the meeting so he'll be too relaxed to yell.


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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Turkey Lurky

Most of my daily activities remind me of a Simpsons episode. Today in the shower, I remembered something funny that I said during labor.

Right after a big contraction.
Nurse: How was that? You doing ok?
Jenn: Yep. Just...working...the turkey through.

She laughed at me. I don't know if was because she got the Simspons reference or if she just thought it was an odd remark.

Either way, it made for a funny memory.


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