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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dude! Where The Hell Were You??

I've been thinking about blogging and then thought nahhh. I just haven't felt like it even though lots of stuff has been happening. But I suppose it's time to update.

For abour 3 weeks in January, I worked from home for Big Red covering for a girl who was out with her sick husband. It was pretty sweet. I got to keep my regular salary and spend all day in my jammies. And when I thought I was done that, they offered to put me on a contract til April covering for another girl who was out. But the week before they made me the offer, I had interviewed for another job and was pretty sure I was going to be made an offer. It was with a really great, long-standing company that I really wanted to get into. Then a week later, we had a lunch meeting and they offically made the offer. So, I called Big Red and said Adios suckers! But it somehow came out as, Thank you so much for the opportunity but I can't pass up a permanent position. Weird...

To sum it all up, I started working for, hmmmm what to call them...Making up an alias is hard. Got it. I started working for [Corporate Life] Feb 16. It's been three days and I'm still very much convinced I made the right choice. Everyone has been really nice, I got a welcome bag full of goodies AND a free lunch on my first day! It's a fairly big office and I'm one of three, soon-to-be-two admin assistants who cater to whom ever needs me/us. So, theres always something to do for someone.

On to other news.. Lauren had her first bloody nose yesterday. When I picked her up at preschool, everything was fine until she wiped her nose on her coat sleeve. Yeah, it was gross. Blood everywhere. But horrible as it was, I had to get my ass back to work asap, so I made her hold a tissue on her nose in the car on the way to Jeanette's. She was fine with it but I wish I could have had more time to just be with her when it happened. But really, she wasn't freaking out or anything, she was more curious about what was happening. But since Jon and I both have a history of bloody noses as kids, I'll be keeping a close eye on her and Kleenex on hand at all times from now on.

That's it for now, I suppose. I'll try to update more frequently but I promise nothing. Maybe when [Corporate Life] sends the monitor to go with my new computer...

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