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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Driving Me to Kill, Panini-Style

Oh. My. God. I don’t know what kind of sick game the stupid café is playing with me… Arg!! I am so frustrated!!

I reluctantly went to the café downstairs because I really didn’t want to go out to get something for lunch. I really hate that place and today's experience was no different. I get there and there’s no special. No big deal but everything looks packed up even though they’re clearly open for business. I asked her for a panini but since everything is shut and there’s no freaking menu, I have no idea what my options are. I ask her what kind she has and she says meat and vegetables. Gee, I guess I’ll take “meat”. I ask what kind of meat. And I pick chicken breast. She has to go out back for every item in my sandwich, EXCEPT for the wrap. Seriously. AND she goes to put in on the Panini press and it’s not on, and hasn’t been ALL DAY.

ARG I hate that place so effing much!!!!

Jon’s car STILL has not been fixed, moved or touched. It's been three effing weeks. THREE. WEEKS!!
We've been trying to get mine done for a couple of weeks now, too. Jon has driven me to work at least three times so that the car could go into the shop. We make appointments to get the work done and every time we get bumped because they're "too busy" Um, isn't that the point of making APPOINTMENTS?? This time, they at least ordered the parts and so I called Jon a few minutes ago to check in and the car hasn’t been touched yet. He told Laurie if it hasn’t gone in by 2 then to forget it because it wouldn’t be done in time to pick me up at 5.

This is fucking RE-TAR-DED. I understand being busy but just because we're your tenants, doesn't mean we can be pushed around. We're paying customers just like everyone else. Next time we need repairs, I'm taking my business elsewhere. If the other car was driveable, it would already be at another garage.



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wow that cafe must really suck!

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