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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Note to Self: Stop Doing Anything

Yesterday was one of those days. I had the dark cloud following me everywhere, my boss seemed to think I gave all the electronics in the office pink eye. No, I don't have pink eye, my eye was just irritated and red that day. Anyway, so my work computer crashed last week and I've been using my home laptop to bridge the gap to when my new computer would be ready. I was trying to find a key to unlock some data recovery software I was using to recover my files off my crashed hard drive when BAM!!!! I got hit with a MASSIVE virus.

So, I spent hours trying to clean my laptop only to discover upon rebooting that I can no longer log in to XP. At. All. No Normal mode, not even any type of Safe mode. I was super excited about this revelation. In fact, I was so happy I almost started crying right there. Ahhh but everything is ok. Sort of. I used another computer to try and find a solution to this problem and found that this has happened to numerous people before me and there are fixes out there. If only I could find that XP cd... Recovery Console - Here I come!

On to the evening. I was opening a package of ridiculously bright eyeshadow for Lauren to play with. I used scissors to cut open the plastic packaging and when I tried to put them away, I managed to stick my middle right finger between the blades and snip! Yeah, felt awesome. Good thing we have a large stock of bandaids...

So I decided to do something a bit more domestic and clean out our deacons bench where all the hats, mitts and scarves are. Damn there is a lot of stuff crammed into that tiny little box. So I'm sorting away and I happen across this little Ariel figurine. I toss it on the floor and keep on organizing my bench. Lauren called me over to help her with something and don't I step on that damn Ariel figurine and do a face plant right on the floor between Lauren's chair and the rocking chair. I'm talking full on limbs-flailing-not-sure-if-you're-gonna-fall-but-then-yup-you-fell type of eating dirt. At least I didn't break a bone and Jon wasn't home so he couldn't laugh at my dumb ass.

I was going to go to the gym but thought today would probably be the day that I get distracted and fly off the treadmill. I was also going to go to Erica's but driving seemed a bit too risky what with the other people on the road.

So I decided that I should just stop doing anything and plunk myself on the nice cushy couch where it was safe.

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