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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No Title For You!

I am officially unemployed. God this sucks. And trying to entertain a 3 year old all day is damn hard. DAMN. HARD. I haven't put out too much of an effort yet in looking for work, mostly because I'm still partially in denial. I figure as long as the pay checks keep coming then all is good, right? Too bad severance can't last forever...

My inner domestic goddess has yet to receive the memo about my excess "home" time thereby leading to a break down at supper last night when I couldn't remember how to cook ANYTHING. For some reason, that big pile of raw chicken just scared the hell out of me. I managed to get two pieces covered in Shake'N'Bake before I dropped the bag at Jon's feet on the couch, walked into the bedroom and shut the door for an hour. Jon, being the good man he is, let me be and finished making supper.

Tonight was a bit better. I decided to try making homemade chicken fingers but it gets complicated when you don't have breadcrumbs. I ended up with Chicken Fingers-A-La-Preschooler using crushed Goldfish Crackers in lieu of breadcrumbs. Although a bit unorthodox, they turned out pretty damn tasty. Not sure why I bothered using a recipe I found online since I subbed all my own ingredients and cooked it how I felt like it. Moral support maybe?

FYI, thinking that you forgot to turn off your coffee maker is NOT a good reason to call Jon for a drive home at 1:15am on New Years eve. If you want a drive home, either come right out and ask for it or better yet, CALL A TAXI! We really need to start charging for these late night pick ups...

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