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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Observations of the Random Variety

I hate Avis. I hate calling them to rent a car for Big Red. Damn it, trying to prepay for a rental car using a corporate card is like trying to give a cat bath. You come out bloodied and scarred and you know damn well the price was too much for the result. I’ve been transferred to a call centre here in Fredericton then to Oklahoma and then to that most irritating ‘click’ then the dial tone. I was told ask for the direct billing department, but then being told that they don’t have a direct billing department the next time you call. Next time, either the instructor rents their own car or they hitch hike. Period.

I’ve been in this family a long time and I’ll finally say it, What the hell are arse darts?!?! It sounds hilarious but I have no idea what you’re talking about. It can’t possibly be what I’m thinking, can it?

We finally bought a new TV last night, well new to us anyway. We got it off Kijiji (best site ever!) for $50. It’s a good thing it was the same make and almost same model as the set we already had because it didn’t come with a remote (seriously, who sells a TV with no remote?) Luckily it worked with our old remote and required no programming. Wow, I never knew how disgusting CSI really was until last night. I love it!

Congrats Stephanie and Trent on their wedding last Sat night. Leave it up to Dunphy’s to throw a rockin’ party. I had such an awesome time. Princess and I had to wait some time in the mobile bar for Jon to go get us a bottle opener so we could break into the rum coolers. (Whoever thought it would be a good idea to make a cooler without a twist-off cap should be shot.) Whilst waiting, we found mom’s camera. Nuff said.

Driving home last week, Lauren was playing with a pinwheel in her open window. She kept trying to stick the thing out the window and I finally told her to keep it in the car or mommy will take it away.

Her response “Not now mommy, I’m being funny! Hahahahaha!”

Speaking of Lauren, whoever thought potty-training was hard never met my kid. With the help of a strategically placed jar of potty treats (Reeses Pieces), she decided one day a month ago that she wanted those treats and since peeing on the potty was the only way to get them, she peed on the potty. She hasn't looked back since. She still wears a diaper to sleep but in the grand scheme of things, we're cool with that. We by-passed the Pull-up trap and went straight to wearing panties all day and she's done so great. No accidents! We've never pushed her to use the potty, we just planted the seed with the potty treats and let nature take its course. Jon and I are so proud of her!

While it's great she's potty trained, it's now created an awesome stall tactic at bedtime. If she's awake, she refuses to pee in her diaper so when she stands at her door and says she needs to go potty, we let her go. This is all well and good except for the times when you know she doesn't have to go. Those conversations generally go like this:

Me: "Ok, come and use the potty"
L: "Potty!!"
Me: "Sit down and go pee, please."
Sits down and laughs and moves around and is just happy to be out of her room.
Me: "Lauren, go pee please"
L: "Ok"
Me: "Do you have to pee or do you just want potty treats?"
L: Smiling at me. "Potty treats"

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Proud Mommy Moment

Oh My God. Is my kid not the most beautiful effing kid you've ever seen?? Seriously, I am in awe of how damn cute she is. The hair, the eyes, the smile?? Oh that smile. Sometimes, that smile is the only thing keeping her from a one-way trip in a burlap sack tied to a cinder block.

I kid, I kid. But sometimes, I just can't believe that Jon and I made such a perfect little being together.

She's just...amazing.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! Bleeccchhhh.

On Saturday morning, we went to the FredKid fair for some fun or as Lauren called it "the fence." There were lots of booths, but I was disappointed they didn’t have a place for the preschool kids to play like last years Active Kids corner. The train display was pretty cool, but man Lauren was pissed that she couldn’t play with it. Dude, you can’t have a HUGE Lego train display in front of countless toddlers and not have trains to play with. I’m sure I wasn’t the only parent irritated at that.

Jon was carrying Lauren on his shoulders as we were headed out and I wanted to get my camera. Jon had put it in his pocket so I shoved my hand in there and started feeling around for it. You can imagine what it looked like I’m sure. A man walked by and said Hi to Jon. I asked him who it was and he said, Andy Scott. So, Andy Scott just watched me practically groping my mans junk in public.

I had a pretty good Mother’s Day. Lauren made me a wonderful card and Jon made me a yummy breakfast. All I wanted was to not clean or really do much of anything and so that is what I got. Until 10:30pm. Let’s just say the puke bug bit Lauren hard on the ass and didn’t let go until late Monday. I got a day off work out of it though, I just wish it wasn’t filled with vomit. On the upside, we finally taught Lauren that puking in a bowl was way better than just finding a bare patch of floor.

My mom took me out to the mall on Sunday and bought me a beautiful dress and some fancy shoes to wear to my cousin’s wedding. Last night, I napped on the couch for a half hour in those shoes. They just make me feel so damn pretty…

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Flood Says What?

I'm off for the next couple of days since they shut off the power to our building, so Lauren and I went out flood watching this morning. I decided to take some pictures of Brunswick St. right behind my office.

"Take a picture of my knuckles, mama"

"What did you do to the statue, mama?" Yeah, like I surrounded her favorite statue with water on purpose...

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