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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween is so Egg-citing!

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait to take Lauren out in her zebra costume Trick-or-Treating tonight. She's so cute all dressed up!

I'm reminded of a Halloween when I was about 13 or 14 and I was out Trick-or-Treating with my 2 friends, Heather M and Heather S. We were all dressed in baggy boys clothes, like thugs or something like that. And we thought we'd be all bad-ass and egg houses or cars. So we loaded our pockets with eggs and started Trick-or-Treating. Because you gotta get the candy! We were running from house to house getting all the candy we could stuff into our pillow cases. We just ran across lawns instead of going back up and down the driveways (d'uh! who doesn't when their parents aren't around?) It was pretty dark around 7:30 or so and I wasn't paying attention. Smack! I ran right into a basketball net post.

Oh the egg gooeyness in my pockets... Gross.

Here in NB, it gets pretty chilly at night in the Fall and having gross broken eggs in my pockets really wasn't helping much. What was I going to do? Keep going or try and clean myself up? Being the stupid kid that I was, I just went home and changed my pants. My mom asked what happened.

"Some kids egged us and one must have landed in my pocket."

Yep. I really said that. Told you I was a stupid kid.


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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Guys wanna do her. I just wanna BE her.

Fergalicious by Fergie.


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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sweetie, Can You Come Here Please?

Scene: Just arrived at my parents’ house for Sunday dinner, Jon was outside smoking while I brought Lauren inside.

Jon: (yelling from back door) “Sweetie, can you come here please?”
I get to the back door “What’s up?”
Jon: “We have a problem. Go stand next to the car.”
Oh god, I think, a flat tire? A weird noise or smell? I move a little closer. I don’t see anything wrong.
Me: “I have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s the problem?”
Jon: “Get a little closer.”
Now, I’m standing right next to the car. And I hear the radio playing. And then the problem rears its ugly head. The doors are locked with the keys inside, in the ignition, with the radio playing.
Me: “Jesus Christ Jon! You idiot!”
My dad is outside with us trying to figure out the problem, too. He has no idea why I’m freaking out.
Me: “Jon locked the keys in the car with the radio on.”
Dad: “Where are your keys?”
Me: “At home, locked inside our apartment.”

My immediate thought was to break a window to get inside but then thought better of it. Can’t afford to replace a window now can we?

Jon borrows my dads car to go home and get our spare apartment key from our landlord who lives across the hall.

About 15 mins pass and I’m sitting on the couch reading the latest People magazine waiting for Jon to get back when I remember something.

Me: (nervous laughter) “Oooooo, heeheehee….”
Sarah: “What are you laughing at?”
Me: “Ah, hahahaha, I don’t think my keys are at home…”
Sarah: (smiling) “Where are they?”

Yesterday, Jon, Lauren and I went for a walk at the mall. I didn’t feel like bringing my purse with me so I put it in the glove box.

Me: “I can’t remember if I brought it inside or not when we got home.”

I grab the cordless and go outside. I dial my cell phone and wait. I have my head down on the bottom of the windshield praying not to hear any damn dogs barking. I hear nothing. Whew, sort of.

I decide to take the girls outside to play in the front yard. “Be careful not to jab Lauren in the eye with the stick, Jillian.” “No, Lauren, we don’t play in the street, stay in the yard.” “We don’t eat leaves, Lauren” “Put the dead caterpillar on a leaf to show Mommy, Jillian.” “Let’s go inside and wash our hands.”

I’m still waiting for a call from Jon asking me where in the hell I put my purse. Sarah comes outside to tell me Jon called and he has the keys. He’s on his way back. Good thing, too, because I was getting pretty hungry.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Something Good

I'm finally off that damn project that has made me crazy and cry one too many times at work. I am now on a project that's much less hectic. It still has a very near deadline but it doesn't seem nearly as overwhelming.

I can breath now and for the first time in the last 6 weeks, I'm happy at work.

I can be a lot to deal with sometimes because I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm not one to keep anything inside and it becomes everyone's problem when I'm upset. Which leads me to the following question:

Do I have a toxic personality?


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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Don't Call me Britney Spears

No, I'm not going to go on a tirade about Britney Spears. I am, however, boycotting all TV shows that are about parents and their new babies, ei. TLC’s Baby Story/Bringing Home Baby and Life Network’s Birth Stories. I am so sick and tired of watching these new parents spend so much time trying to keep their babies safe and sound and then so carelessly put them in to an improperly installed and misused car seat. I can’t believe the time parents-to-be spend on getting all the new safety products for their home and then not take the time to make sure that the number one safety product they could ever possibly own for their child is correctly used. They say that most of the child seats in cars today are improperly installed. I believe it. Jon and I took a long time to make sure that our infant car seat was installed properly. We tried it ourselves just find out how ridiculously difficult it is to install that first car seat base. I wouldn’t let up about it being installed right until we had a friend of ours, who has 4 kids and whose mom teaches a car seat clinic, show us how.

I have friends who I thought would have the sense to put their car seat in correctly, just hap-hazardly put the seat in without properly leveling it or locking the seat belt in place, and then not tighten the straps on the baby or properly place the chest buckle. Then again, these are the people that didn’t feel it necessary to strap their three month old into his vibrating chair but that's a whole other parenting rant.

These TV shows should enforce that the parents properly use car seats so that the viewers will see how to responsibly/properly transport a baby in a car. I get so angry because it takes no time at all to tighten a strap and put the buckle in the right position on the baby’s chest. Some might think that the baby will be hurt or feel smothered by tightened straps. If anything, a newborn baby will find comfort in being in the seat so secure, why do you think they like swaddling so much?? And how many times have I driven past a car just to see the car seat handle still up?

I believe that every parent should attend a mandatory car seat clinic before they are allowed to leave the hospital with their new baby. It’s not enough that the nurse makes sure you have a car seat, she needs to make sure you know how to use it. Someone needs to make sure that baby is safe on their drive home and not become a projectile object if an accident should occur.

I know that I'm not a perfect parent, none of use are, but safety is not something I take lightly. I know that by making sure she is as safe as she can possibly be in our car that I am doing the best that I can for her. I'm not that naive to think that "because we're just going to the store" something potentially deadly couldn't happen in those 5 minutes.

I just wish other people would be as serious and conscientious about car safety as myself and my family.

Car Sear Safety 2006

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why Mondays both Suck AND Blow

Monday I got my answer, and it was “Sorry but we can’t move you because we need all the resources we can get for this project. Oh, and you’re bringing down team morale because they all know you’re unhappy.” Super. So you give me the news I’m dreading and then you slap me in the face. Thank you sir and may I have another? So, what to do now. I can’t leave until I find a new job and the job market is terrible here. I asked for extra help so at the very least I won’t be so damned confused everyday. Have I seen any help yet? Not so much. Rock meet hard place. Jon is on board for moving out west to find work and I think I am too but I’m having a hard time with the thought of moving away from everyone I know. I’m sure it’ll be lonely for awhile. We don’t have any set plans so at the moment we’re just waiting to see what will happen between now and Christmas.

On a completely other note. I have been visiting on a daily basis for the last few months and have come to really enjoy reading stuff by Nate DeGraaf. Although I usually skim past his game picks, I love reading his rants, columns, articles, blog and other various things he does on this site. There are several other writers on this site and I strongly recommend checking it out because they have kept me entertained at work for at least the last 5 weeks. I have also come to realize that he is a very, very bad influence on me. Now, for those who know me, it’s not a shock that I swear like a sailor. Curse words just fly out and I am normally at a loss to control them. However, I found myself extremely amused at calling one of my best friends a “cum-guzzling gutter-slut”. Though I suppose the best part is that she laughs at being called that! “No Len, you’re not a dirty whore, have Blake call you a cum-guzzling gutter-slut .” I love her… I found that name somewhere on that site or at least I merged two names “cum-guzzling ass-pirate” with “gutter-slut.” Anyway, you get the point. Damn you, The Nathan DeGraaf for giving me hours of endless laughter and for offering horrible names to call my closest friends.

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