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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Part of Me Died Today

We've been having some issues lately trying to keep Lauren in her bed at night. Mostly when we first put her to bed. She'll hang out at the door and peer out so Jon or I will put her back into bed and tell her to stay in bed, she doesn't have to sleep but she has to stay in her bed.

Well, my child is a persistent little bugger and most threats haven't worked. I've taken all her toys and books out of the room and told her that she better stay in bed or "Angry Mommy" will come in. So far, no luck. Until today. And here comes the really sad part.

I told her if I caught her out of bed one more time, I would come and snuggle her until she fell asleep. So you're thinking what's the sad part? My kid hates snuggling with me so much, that she hasn't budged from her bed. This worked both for nap time and bedtime tonight.

It really makes me sad that she's like this. I hear about all these other moms who snuggle with their kids and I'm so jealous. I just want her to want to be with me. And yet, I'm enjoying that she's staying in her bed.

So conflicted...


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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Call, Bitches!

This a real voicemail I received this morning when I got to work. I think the guy was looking for a collections agency but he got us instead.

It's pretty frigging funny.

It took me forever to figure out how to post this audio file, but it was worth it!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dee-light-ful Observations

**I love to bake, but sometimes, I really, really suck at it. For instance, I could make banana bread that should only be used as a kitchen sponge because it’s so dry. And you know that scene in the first Charlie Angels movie where someone throws a muffin and it gets stuck in the back of a door? Those would be my banana muffins.

Well, those days are gone, my friends. After many, many searches on the internet, I found two recipes I can actually do. It feels nice to make muffins and not throw them directly in the garbage after taking them out of the oven. And the banana bread? Oh, the delicous moist banana bread. 'Nuff said.

**Speaking of baking, my mom makes horrible, horrible biscuits. Like break-your-teeth biscuits. Since she is great at baking everything else, I assumed growing up that biscuits were this mystical baked good reserved for baking by the most talented of chefs, and the Pillsbury doughboy.

Not so! Thanks to, I can now bake scrumpcious biscuits in 25 minutes, from scratch. Take THAT, Bisquick. Can you believe that when mom gets back from Florida, I will be teaching her how to bake them? Freaky….

**I was watching Dateline on Sunday night “10 Scariest Escapes From Death”. They were doing interviews with all the people from the incidents, including the survivors and on the way to commercial, almost every commercial in fact, the narrator said “Will they make it? Find out next!”

Do they make it?? Um, yeah, since you have the survivor on the show, dumbass. For Christ’s sake, the title is “10 Scariest Escapes From Death.” Who writes for these people??

**I was trying to put Lauren to bed last night and I asked her to please lay down with her head on the pillow. She jumped off the bed and with her arms crossed, looked at me with her mad face and said "I'm SO angry!" Gotta love her...

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