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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Worst. Dentist. Appointment. Ever.

So I got a filling done 3 weeks ago and have been having issues with that tooth ever since. I can’t chew anything on the left side so I’ve gone back 3 times to have it looked at. Today was the third time.

Oh. My. God.

Apparently when they put in the filling, it aggravated the other old filling in that tooth. So the plan today was to replace the old filling. Sounds easy right? At least it didn’t have a fracture like they originally thought.

So the dentist injected me full of whatever it is they use for freezing and we waited for it to kick in. Turns out my dentist in moving to Newfoundland in a week. The freezing wasn’t quite enough to freeze everything so she injected some more. Immediately, my knees got tingly, my heart started racing and I wanted to either faint or puke. Luckily neither happened. But they sat me up a bit and we waited for me to feel better. Did you know that whatever it is they use for freezing has epinephrine in it? Yippee! Blech.

So once I started feeling better, they started working on the filling. Nope! Not frozen enough. So she tried a more localized anesthetic. Lalalala… waiting for it to kick in. And she starts back on the filling. FECK! Still not frozen enough.  (I'm having flashbacks to the horror that was getting my wisdom teeth out and the nitrous not working.)

What to do…. What else can I do? It hurts to leave it, it hurts to fix it.

Fuck it. Fix it. God I’m tough.

I’d love to tell you that it’s all fixed and over with but no. The nerve is so aggravated that to put a permanent filling in right now would be stupid. So they put in a temporary filling that has a built-in sedative. Hopefully that will calm the nerve enough to make putting in a permanent filling in four months easier and less painful.

The whole left side of my face is numb, I have a slight lisp and I keep biting my tongue.

When all is said and done though, my old dentist NEVER froze me for any of my old fillings. So I guess this isn’t too bad. I told my new dentist that if worst comes to worst, we could just yank it; I mean I don’t really need that molar, do I?

She didn’t think that was funny.


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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Move Your Stupid Teal Ass!!

I was thinking to myself this morning on they way to drop Lauren off at school , how we haven’t had any drop-off zone related problems. I’ve heard from lots of other parents about all sorts of drop-off zone douche-baggery but hadn’t seen any yet myself. I should have knocked on wood at the thought because when we got to school, a teal Ford Escort popped my cherry.

Holy crap. This fucker sat in the driveway entrance blocking two lanes of traffic because the line of cars in the drop-and-go zone was backed up. He sat there for a minute or two, which felt like an eternity, and when the line he wanted didn’t move, he then decided to move forward in the normal drive through lane. Everything was good for about a second or two. Then after they drop off their kid, they try to turn left to leave the parking lot which blocked both lanes of traffic AGAIN. Normally we park in the lot which is accessible only at the END of the drop-off area and since this retard was blocking the entrance, we couldn’t get in. And apparently turning left was NOT their forte because even when they had ample time to make the turn, they just didn’t. That street is frickin’ busy in the morning so when you get a chance, you have to gun it. This arsehole was waiting and waiting and waiting.

It was about a minute to bell-time so we just put the car in park (we weren’t going anywhere anyway), I unbuckled Lauren and practically shoved her out of the car, so she wouldn’t be late for school. We’ve never done that before and I feel bad that we sent her off to school so abruptly but what can you do. At least Mrs. Bliss and Auntie Paula were right there to greet her.


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