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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Should Have Known To Stay At Home Today Because Here Come The 'Tards!

Lauren and I went to see Chip Wrecked today at the theatre and overall, it was a pretty good movie. Lauren had a great time and I enjoyed seeing her love it.

But holy hell people. Did the fucktards come out en mass today??

Some guy came in with at least a dozen kids and picks the two rows ahead of us, which is totally fine but doesn't he pick the ONE seat directly in front of Lauren to sit in?? So I switched seats with her so she could see. Not a huge deal deal, but really?? You saw her sitting there with me on one side and an empty seat on the other and you pick the one in front of her?

Then a woman decided she wanted the empty seats in our row (which by the way, were almost at the other end of the row) and proceeds to knock over some kids popcorn and just keep going. Then she comes back out and knocks over another girls drink, who was sitting next to me. She turns around and says oops then keeps going. What a bitch! So I asked the girls (rhetorically, of course) if it would be alright if I went to get them a new drink because that lady was very rude. They started to say no, but I insisted. I still can't believe that douche bag didn't even offer an apology. When I got back, the girls were very nice and I made sure to warn them to watch their drinks when yet another person almost knocked them over.

The next person who wanted in our row wanted the one empty seat next to me and the two empty seats next to the girls beside me. She asked me if I thought they would mind moving over, so I told her that she should really ask them and not me.

Then the movie starts up and some baby starts screaming. Not crying, screaming. For ten minutes, until finally the manager came and asked them to leave. What kind of dink parent doesn't think to leave for the sake of the rest of the people who paid to watch a movie, not listen to your devil spawn scream bloody murder, probably because you chose to sit in the FRONT row with an infant??

And lastly, the projection room left it's florescent light on, the whole effing time. WHY????


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