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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I May Cry on the Stand

Well, I have to go to court because I complained about that asshole with the megaphone. I am being called as a witness and the asshole is going to represent himself. People have been sending me excerpts from his blog that reference the case. Knowing that I'm the one complaining from the TD Tower, he assumes I'm a banker and has made fun of my statements. He tried quoting one part of my statement and screwed it up, making it look like I'm an idiot. But I'm pretty sure he's doing that on purpose. This is all very irritating because he hasn't mentioned any other witness's statement or place of work.

The trial is tomorrow and I have this sneaky suspicion he's going to pick on me. I hate being made to look stupid and I feel like this is exactly what he's going to try and do.

I'm not looking forward to my first experience with the judicial system.
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