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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It Finally Happened

Sweet Merciful Crap!! My prayers have been answered, I have been granted my wish.

I have a new job. So, as it turns out, I am employable. God, for awhile there I was really worried I had some weird problem that I was completely oblivious to. You know like, when you have food stuck in your teeth and no one tells you.

I AM FREE!! Well, on Thursday I will be free.

And to this I say. I am proud of myself because I got this job on my own. No contacts, no friends of friends helped me out (not that I think that's a bad thing at all). They wanted me, for me.

Good bye [Insert Company Name Here], I will miss you all. Aside from the crappy work, I really did love the company. All the fun events, the laughs, the guaranteed cake once a month, drinking beer on company time, the ability to wear jeans and a t-shirt and not brush my hair. Good times...

To the Asshole, a big Fuck you, loser. Don't let my ass hit you in the face on the way out the door.


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Congrats! I'm so happy for are free, to be away from {Napolean}(sp?) is definitely freedom...

2:08 PM  


3:23 PM  

Not Napolean(sp) that would at least give him some kind of cred as a leader, and savy. not a social retard who got lucky!

7:37 PM  

YEA!!!!! I am so happy for you. Finally, you are going to be working at something worth while. Good job chica, I knew you were employable all are awesome!

Good luck with the new job.

6:30 PM  

Thanks everyone!

6:51 PM  

Whoot! Whoot! I am so happy for you! Well deserved! I hope your first two days at the new place have been good! Be sure to bring Lauren for a visit again soon!

2:58 PM  

*sigh* It is great news with a terrible consequence.

You will be missed.


8:38 PM  

wow, you are so fortunate that you don't have to work for a guy who refuses to wash his hands after taking a crap! And to think that he owns the place. What a fucking asshole. Karma, baby, Karma.

8:20 PM  

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