Not The Favorite

Thursday, September 09, 2010


"Welcome to Tim Hortons. Can I take your order?"
"Yes. Can I get a large double-double and a large tea with milk. Oh! And a Boston Cream donut."
"That's $4.19, please drive up"

I pull ahead slowly and hear from the order box, "I like that smell. Smells so good..."

What the f....

Took me a minute to realize he wasn't talking to me and that he forgot to turn off his headset. Too bad. That would have been a fucking hilarious prank.


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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Is Halifax the new Toronto?

One of my biggest pet peeves and will make me instantly dislike a person, is when someone talks to me like I'm stupid.

Conversation between me and a visiting co-worker from Halifax.

Her - "Have you tried out the new printer?"
Me - "Yes, it's great! But I mostly use it for labels"
Her - "Color labels?"
Me - "No, just black labels..."
Her - "You know those ink cartridges are really expensive, right?"

Whhhhaaaaaaaattt?? Ink. Is. Expensive???? This is where I smile and nod.

Yes, I realize ink is expensive. Do you realize how little ink is involved in printing labels? And would it really make a difference to you if the labels were in color?



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