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Monday, October 23, 2006

Sweetie, Can You Come Here Please?

Scene: Just arrived at my parents’ house for Sunday dinner, Jon was outside smoking while I brought Lauren inside.

Jon: (yelling from back door) “Sweetie, can you come here please?”
I get to the back door “What’s up?”
Jon: “We have a problem. Go stand next to the car.”
Oh god, I think, a flat tire? A weird noise or smell? I move a little closer. I don’t see anything wrong.
Me: “I have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s the problem?”
Jon: “Get a little closer.”
Now, I’m standing right next to the car. And I hear the radio playing. And then the problem rears its ugly head. The doors are locked with the keys inside, in the ignition, with the radio playing.
Me: “Jesus Christ Jon! You idiot!”
My dad is outside with us trying to figure out the problem, too. He has no idea why I’m freaking out.
Me: “Jon locked the keys in the car with the radio on.”
Dad: “Where are your keys?”
Me: “At home, locked inside our apartment.”

My immediate thought was to break a window to get inside but then thought better of it. Can’t afford to replace a window now can we?

Jon borrows my dads car to go home and get our spare apartment key from our landlord who lives across the hall.

About 15 mins pass and I’m sitting on the couch reading the latest People magazine waiting for Jon to get back when I remember something.

Me: (nervous laughter) “Oooooo, heeheehee….”
Sarah: “What are you laughing at?”
Me: “Ah, hahahaha, I don’t think my keys are at home…”
Sarah: (smiling) “Where are they?”

Yesterday, Jon, Lauren and I went for a walk at the mall. I didn’t feel like bringing my purse with me so I put it in the glove box.

Me: “I can’t remember if I brought it inside or not when we got home.”

I grab the cordless and go outside. I dial my cell phone and wait. I have my head down on the bottom of the windshield praying not to hear any damn dogs barking. I hear nothing. Whew, sort of.

I decide to take the girls outside to play in the front yard. “Be careful not to jab Lauren in the eye with the stick, Jillian.” “No, Lauren, we don’t play in the street, stay in the yard.” “We don’t eat leaves, Lauren” “Put the dead caterpillar on a leaf to show Mommy, Jillian.” “Let’s go inside and wash our hands.”

I’m still waiting for a call from Jon asking me where in the hell I put my purse. Sarah comes outside to tell me Jon called and he has the keys. He’s on his way back. Good thing, too, because I was getting pretty hungry.

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Honestly, it could have been worse. What if you had locked Jon in the car?

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