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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why Mondays both Suck AND Blow

Monday I got my answer, and it was “Sorry but we can’t move you because we need all the resources we can get for this project. Oh, and you’re bringing down team morale because they all know you’re unhappy.” Super. So you give me the news I’m dreading and then you slap me in the face. Thank you sir and may I have another? So, what to do now. I can’t leave until I find a new job and the job market is terrible here. I asked for extra help so at the very least I won’t be so damned confused everyday. Have I seen any help yet? Not so much. Rock meet hard place. Jon is on board for moving out west to find work and I think I am too but I’m having a hard time with the thought of moving away from everyone I know. I’m sure it’ll be lonely for awhile. We don’t have any set plans so at the moment we’re just waiting to see what will happen between now and Christmas.

On a completely other note. I have been visiting on a daily basis for the last few months and have come to really enjoy reading stuff by Nate DeGraaf. Although I usually skim past his game picks, I love reading his rants, columns, articles, blog and other various things he does on this site. There are several other writers on this site and I strongly recommend checking it out because they have kept me entertained at work for at least the last 5 weeks. I have also come to realize that he is a very, very bad influence on me. Now, for those who know me, it’s not a shock that I swear like a sailor. Curse words just fly out and I am normally at a loss to control them. However, I found myself extremely amused at calling one of my best friends a “cum-guzzling gutter-slut”. Though I suppose the best part is that she laughs at being called that! “No Len, you’re not a dirty whore, have Blake call you a cum-guzzling gutter-slut .” I love her… I found that name somewhere on that site or at least I merged two names “cum-guzzling ass-pirate” with “gutter-slut.” Anyway, you get the point. Damn you, The Nathan DeGraaf for giving me hours of endless laughter and for offering horrible names to call my closest friends.

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 9:17 AM


Now I have to get my tatoo changed.....maybe he can change it to 'rum'.

9:23 AM  

Okay two things..well more than 2 but whatever.

1)What the hell are you calling me? And if it's something like RedNeck-OCD-Bitch Sister your ass is matter how true it might me :)
2) You guys moving would be sad.
3) Is it coincidence that yet AGAIN I am vistor #666 to someone's blog?!?! WTF?!?!


10:04 AM  

1. We would miss you horribly if you left, but understand that you have to do what you have to do.

2. So i'm blonde, and seem to have "blonde moments" what are you calling me my dear friend? :)

3. Sarah - you must be the devil #666...but thats ok...we still like you

7:03 PM  

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