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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween is so Egg-citing!

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait to take Lauren out in her zebra costume Trick-or-Treating tonight. She's so cute all dressed up!

I'm reminded of a Halloween when I was about 13 or 14 and I was out Trick-or-Treating with my 2 friends, Heather M and Heather S. We were all dressed in baggy boys clothes, like thugs or something like that. And we thought we'd be all bad-ass and egg houses or cars. So we loaded our pockets with eggs and started Trick-or-Treating. Because you gotta get the candy! We were running from house to house getting all the candy we could stuff into our pillow cases. We just ran across lawns instead of going back up and down the driveways (d'uh! who doesn't when their parents aren't around?) It was pretty dark around 7:30 or so and I wasn't paying attention. Smack! I ran right into a basketball net post.

Oh the egg gooeyness in my pockets... Gross.

Here in NB, it gets pretty chilly at night in the Fall and having gross broken eggs in my pockets really wasn't helping much. What was I going to do? Keep going or try and clean myself up? Being the stupid kid that I was, I just went home and changed my pants. My mom asked what happened.

"Some kids egged us and one must have landed in my pocket."

Yep. I really said that. Told you I was a stupid kid.


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Somtimes it's the parent that aint so bright.

When I was a kid, I had a horrible bike accident while doubling my brother. I needed 9 stitches to close my finger. I was only 10 or 11, how long could my finger have been? Still, 9 stitches. We lived 1.5 hours away from a hospital and I waited for over an hour for a doctor to arrive. In total, that was about 3 hours of bleeding.

Now the fun part. Arriving at my doorstep, bloody and scared, (and yes bloody scared), showing my father the bones in my finger, sobbing so hard I was only able to say one word at a time "...I (gasp gasp gasp) ...had (gasp gasp gasp) (gasp gasp gasp) ...accident (gasp gasp gasp)",
my mother looks over dads shoulder at my hand, looks at my father, looks at me and says these unforgetable words

"Where is your brother?"

My brother, bless his 8 year old heart, had banged his head and was screaming so loud that the block parent had rushed out to help him. I was left alone on the side of the steet to walk home, bloody, scared and bloody scared.

Parents. TTTHhhhppppppttttt.

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I am a best story is that my friend Hope got egg'd and I laughed so hard, that I was crying...we were 14 years old. Man I am so mean...but come on, it was funny....I'm pretty sure I asked her if she was ok before I broke into laughter...I must have...or did I???

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