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Friday, September 08, 2006

Jacks Views on Religion and Making Someone Think You're Crazy

Some excerpts of an MSN conversation with my friend Jack.

Jack - "Tell him you are really confused because you want to love Jesus, but you are lactose intolerant."

Jack - "Tell him that the Food and Drug Administration is the anti-christ because the keep changing the expiration date on your saviour."

Jack - "Ask him if he ever hears the quiet mooing that is the the love of our lord and saviour."

Jack - "The lord moves in mysterious ways - and food products apparantly. Who am I to doubt the word of the curd."

Jack - "You have to admit it would be effective. You are now re-considering making eye contact with me anymore!"

Jenn - "nope, i'll just be thinking of your odd relationship with dairy products"

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Best Blog ever !! Now if you will excuse me, I must go pour me a big glass of salvation

- Jack

11:19 AM  

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