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Monday, June 29, 2009

Weirdest Trip to KFC EVER! Seriously.

Jon was wearing jammy pants and the Miramichi is sorely lacking in drive-thrus. We hadn't had lunch yet and the drive home would be a long one without a bit of a snack. We drove around for awhile and settled on KFC because it was right there. Jon refused to go in because of the jammy pants and I REALLY didn't want to. I just didn't feel like it, ok?! So I'm just saying that I don't want to go in and Jon is getting frustrated with me and I find that completely hilarious. I start laughing hysterically at him, with Lauren yelling in the back seat "I WANT TO COME IN!! I WANT TO COME IN!!" and I decide to go in before the laughing turns to crying. Lauren is still yelling at me as I'm undoing her car seat, Jon is trying to tell me what he wants and some car keeps honking the horn.

As Lauren and I are walking to the door, the car nexts to us starts honking the horn again. I turn around and some old lady is waving her arms in the air. So, I point to myself and do the "Me?" thing and lucky me, she waves me over. I pull Lauren with me and ask the lady if I could help her. She proceeds to shove a $10 at me and says, "I want a chicken dinner."

Seriously, did she just ask me to get her a chicker dinner? Did I go back in time and do I look like I'm wearing rollerskates? "You want a chicken dinner..." and she says yes but she can't go in because she left her oxygen tank at home. Oooookkkkk. From her purple skin and lips, I suppose that's a plausible story. "Uh, so what kind of chicken dinner do you want??" "Oh they'll know and have them bring it out to me." Inside, I tell the girl at the counter about the crazy old lady and she's just as confused as I am. The lady in the kitchen says this has never happened before to her, and I'm thinking, yeah I know the feeling. So put in her order and mine and Lauren is driving me crazy asking for over-priced toys. I tell her no but she insists that Daddy said she could have some. The Daddy in the car, outside, who can't hear what you're asking for? No.

She says she has to go pee, so I turn the light on in the bathroom and let her go. After a while, I wonder what's taking her so long. "Are you all done?" Yep! So I go to open the door and THUD! I whack her right in the forehead. Crap. And then I realize that the seat wasn't down on the toilet so I'm lucky she didn't fall in. After a thorough hand washing, we gather our order and I deliver the "chicken dinner" to the old bat. First she asks what she owes me... Um, moral delimma but I tell her nothing she already gave me money and she tells me to keep the change. Gee, thanks.

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 5:32 PM


OMG!!! Holy crap! LMAO!!!

That's tooo freaking funny! Hope the car ride back was ok.

11:25 PM  

LOL!!! That's awesome...Yucky Plucky has it all....crazies and all.

Although I am reminded of Jon going to KFC the night Lauren was born...I am laughing...all over again! :)

4:05 PM  

Yucky Plucky ... never heard it called that before. My sister and I call it the Dirty Bird.

1:06 AM  

I knew this province was weird

9:50 AM  

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