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Saturday, May 16, 2009

DIY Plumbers Butt Remover

Lauren has no bum and a tiny waist so keeping her pants up is a constant struggle. I'm either hiking her pants up or telling her to hike her pants up. She doesn't like help going to the bathroom ("I need privacy mummy") so a belt was pretty much out of the question since she can't work the buckle.

And then I had an idea. A velcro belt. So I googled it and sure enough, there is a company out there that makes velcro belts for young kids. A US company that charges exchange, shipping and duty. I've mentioned my financial issues so ordering this belt was out of the question but looking at it further, I thought to myself, I can make that.

And so $5 and 5 minutes later (with help from a friend with a sewing machine), I did. And it's AWESOME!! Now her butt won't hang out AND she won't need help undoing her pants.


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Awesome! I too am always telling her to pull her drawers up. Let's hope this works!

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