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Monday, January 22, 2007

Starting to Get Desperate

Remember the Simpson's episode when Apu recalls working for 96hours straight and by the end of it he thought he was a hummingbird of some kind?

I feel like that could be a very real possibility for me, only replace "working for 96hours" with "being bored and restless for 6 weeks", if I don't get either a new job or work at my current job.

I'm going goddamned crazy here! How the hell can one person send out so many freakin' resumes and not get ONE interview??? I've been looking since last June, you do the math. Can they sense the desperation? Do I ooze "hard worker" and people are terrified because hard workers are thought to be extinct?? Did I accidentally make a watermark on the paper stating "REJECT"?? I'm a fun girl, I swear, and I'll work like a dog if you just give me the chance (providing it's not IT-related or something that has me chained to a desk for 8 hours).

Really, I'm not asking for a lot. I'd even take a lower salary for the right job.

For the love of god people, throw me a frickin' bone!


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I am a friend of Princess', Nick's and Queen of the Tay. I help people find jobs for a living and I have to say I am pretty good at it. Get ahold of Princess and she knows where to find me. I'll look at your resume and let you know what the problem is and how to fix it. I will put you on my client list and help you until you find something.
This is not me blowin' smoke up your butt...I really am offering this help. It is free of charge and I have a good turnover of people finding work.
Princess knows where to find me. If you need more instructions go to my blog and leave me a message and we'll find a way to hook up.
If you are in the Fredericton area (or even not) I can help you and if I can't I know how we can get you help from someone who can.

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