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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Look At Me Go!

So I tried making the cake again last night using a glass pan I've used before and Yay! it turned out! Good thing too since my sweet tooth was killing me.

Jon stayed home from work sick and I'm pretty grateful that he made supper since I spent most of the drive home telling myself that I had to make food so Lauren wouldn't starve. I had a killer headache all afternoon so when I got home I popped a couple of Advil Cold and Sinus. Feeling a bit nauseous, I didn't eat much. Jon and I both feel like hell and all I really want to do is lay on the couch. Two problem with that: 1) The couch was already occupied by Jon and 2) It's bath night. So I said to myself Suck it up Buttercup, you need to do it cause Lauren isn't big enough to bathe herself yet.

Lauren gets so excited when the bath water is running because she likes to hold her hands under the water coming out of the faucet. I already nixed her holding a cup under it since she really enjoys pouring the water on the floor. I don't mind the water on the floor so much as her stepping in it and slipping head first into the side of the tub. I left her for a sec to get the other cup out in the living room only to turn around to see two chubby legs straight out in the air. I'm not sure if she was trying to climb into the tub or get her hands further under to faucet, either way it was freakin' hilarious.

By the time her bath is over, I'm feeling pretty much back to my old self and getting her dressed is a breeze. After I put her down, I'm up for doing some housework and baking.

Bake cake - Check.
Tidy living room - Check.
Straightening up the bedroom - Check.
Clean up tub after bath - Check.
Trinitize the bathroom (Water in tub and frog in sink) - Check.
Four loads of laundry done - Check. Almost.

I was so on the ball last night, I forgot to ask Jon to run the dryer through again. Woke up this morning with all my nice clean jeans still wet. Good thing I have a pile of in-case-of-emergency jeans folded in the closet. It sucked though cause I had it set in my mind that I was wearing a certain pair today. Damn.

With all the house junk I managed to get done, I still had time to fit in a solid 3 hours of TV. You gotta have your priorities.

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 10:25 AM


Stellar performance. Seems like the stars were lining up for you to make up for the previous night. Maybe someone was looking through the Jan 10, 2007 reports and said "Holey shit, did any one realize we did all this to her yesterday?? I mean come on guys, lets get it together ok. Really, someone is supposed to be monitoring this stuff. No no don't panic. We can add a great day, and the numbers will balance so that the bottom line will fall within parameters and that'll keep it off the big one's radar."

Did I mention that I know fully believe karma is 'near sourced' to an outside agency that runs our collective kismet like an HMO with a nasty board?

11:07 AM  

Were you planning to wear the jeans I bought you? If you haven't had them hemmed yet, I think you should post a pic of of those puppies here.

1:03 PM  

No I haven't had them hemmed yet. And I really like those jeans. True I tried them on because I thought they were hideous, but I said the same of my wedding dress. And look how that turned out.

2:11 PM  

Congrats on all you accomplished, I am impressed...

6:27 PM  

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