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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Soggy Lord of the Dance Cake

Last night, I was running late after work to pick up Lauren because there was a storm and everyone was driving 2kms/hr. Made it across town from the north side just in time to pick Jon up from work at 5:30. There was rain all afternoon which made the 15cm of snow we got earlier in the day a lovely mess. By the time we got home and went inside, my feet were soaked. I picked the wrong day to wear the Fugg boots, which have about zero percent water resistance. So, Jon goes back to work while I peel off my soaking boots and socks.

Once we were settled and I got into some warm clothes, I gave Lauren her supper. Mine will have to wait since I’ve decided to make a cake before giving Lauren her bath. Lauren has decided that applesauce is yucky right now so I have a whole bunch left in the fridge. Mmmm, applesauce cake. So, I whip up the batter from scratch, pour in to my new (3yrs old but never used) 9x13 glass pan and put in the oven.

On to the bath. Grab some jammies for Lauren and put them on the coffee table for after the bath. BANG! What the hell was that? Oh well, come on Lauren let’s go ha- POP!

This can’t be good. I walk over to the oven only to discover that the never-been-used pan has just exploded in the oven. Shit. At least it was thick batter so it didn’t really spread too far. And the glass was tempered so it pretty much just shattered into convenient marble size pieces. I decided to turn the oven off and just leave the door wide open to let it cool. I leave, gate off the kitchen and give Lauren her bath.

Damn, I really wanted that cake….

After the bath, I get Lauren into her jammies. Time to clean up the oven. I grab the wooden box my Clementines came in for the wreckage and start grabbing the big pieces of glass. I got most of the cake into the box in 3 shots but in turn, sent some glass into the pots and pans drawer. I grab the giant spatula we got at Marshall's and use it to scoop up as much off the bottom of the oven as possible. Gross but true fact, I haven't cleaned that oven since we moved in 4 years ago and I was really hoping not to ever have to. In fact, I don't think I've ever cleaned an oven period. Stupid glass pan for ruining my good record. That being said, the oven wasn't really even dirty. When the oven is clean and I open the pots and pans drawer and pick out the pieces that fell in.

Finally finished the clean up and I give Lauren a bottle. We sit and read stories until Jon gets home at 7. No supper yet. Jon shows up and tells me the car is ready for me downstairs. So, good night kisses to Lauren and a quick goodbye to Jon and then I’m off to meet my mom. She had tickets for Lord of the Dance at the Aitken Centre and asked me to go along.

It’s now 7:10 and the show starts at 7:30. Crap, gotta hurry up. I decide to park in the back lot by the hospital. I drive down Priestman St and realize that everyone else had that plan, too. And then when I get to the bottom of the street, I see that the lot is full and I’m supposed to park at Chapman’s field in the university. Super. I drive all the way down to the field and end up parking 1 spot from the end. Ugh, it’s going to be a mighty long and very wet walk up. This show better be worth the wet socks and pant legs. I’m about halfway up when I run into a family of four who had very nice shoes on and therefore were struggling trying to cross a small water-filled ditch to get up the hill. 1-2-3 make it. 4 was slipping and then down she went bum and all into the water. In my true nature, I watched and then went around them. I was quite a ways in front of them and I turned around just to see if they made it, nope, she’s now trying unsuccessfully to get up the hill that might have been 6 feet long.

I get to the Aitken Centre and come to the conclusion that I’m not in as bad of shape as I thought. Nice. I grab my ticket from the box office and locate my mom who is seated at the top of the section. One more climb won’t kill me. The show starts and it’s great, definitely worth the wet feet and legs.

Intermission, time for supper: a bag of chips and a bottle of water. Better than nothing. I can’t even talk because I’m so hungry I’m literally pulling chips out of the bag faster than I can chew them.

Last half of the show is also great. I really commend those dancers on their stamina. Feet shouldn’t move that fast and I’m pretty sure they’re robots. At one point, they were moving so quickly, it was almost impossible to tell what steps they were doing! As much as I loved the dancing, my favorite parts were when the two violinists came out. They played so beautifully that I almost lost a contact for forgetting to blink. Something about how violins can so easily harmonize and create such emotion really moves me.

Shows over and I practically sprint to the car to beat the traffic. It works and I’m home by 9:30. Jon made a pizza and we watched some tv until bedtime.

Some thoughts I had through the LotD performance.
“Wow, those are some queer masks.”
“What a whore, I bet she learned those moves on the stripper pole.”
“Yep, they’re robots all right.”

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