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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Coke in a Bottle

So, Lauren turned 17 months yesterday. 18 months can’t come soon enough. Why, you ask? Because that’s the agreed upon age that Jon and I have decided to stop giving Lauren her bottle. She only has one at night and it’s usually 15 to 30 minutes prior to bedtime. She doesn’t need it for comfort; it’s just become part of our routine. She didn’t have any problem, whatsoever, giving up any of the other bottles, why should this be any different? I feel that the longer we wait, the more she’ll expect it and scream for it when we try and take it away. If I had my way, she would have stopped having bottles all together at a year old.

That was my plan anyway. Jon seemed to disagree. Jon’s argument is two-fold: nutrition and other parents don’t stop the bottle until at least 2 years. Holy Christ, if Lauren still has a bottle at 2, it means I’ve killed myself trying to convince Jon she doesn’t need it and he got his way.

He’s worried that it seems like she doesn’t eat enough. Portion size does not equate to how healthy you are. Just because she ate the equivalent of one normal meal all day doesn’t mean she’s not getting enough nutrients. Kids are fickle things. One day they eat next to nothing, the next they eat you out of house and home and then go through fazes where all they would eat nothing but jam sandwiches and pickles. As long as proper food is offered and you do your best to get them to eat it, they’ll be fine. You don’t see many adults walking around having bottles because they missed lunch, do you? There are all sorts of things you can do to supplement, if needed.

If you’ve seen the way Lauren packs it away most of the time, you’d agree with me. She’s learning and growing, she doesn’t need it, and I’m sick of cleaning and making up bottles. The money spent between bottle liners and formula could be better spent buying coffee and donuts.

As far as other parents are concerned, I feel that kids over the age of 2 should not be getting bottles. It angers me when I see older kids with bottles. Seriously, can you still use the nutrition excuse with a 3 ½ year old? That just screams lazy parent who hasn’t taken the time to wean their kid. Unless it's medically necessary for your child, parents should stop letting their kids wants outway their needs. Just because they want their bottle doesn't mean you can't take it away and offer a small snack instead.

An actual conversation that proves my wants/needs argument:
Mom: "What did you give M for supper?"
Dad: "Cinnamon toast."
Mom: "What? Why?"
Dad: "He asked for it."

Bottles are for babies and if you can use a cup, use a cup. Break the habit early, it’s better for the child. I have 2 rules about bottles and sippy cups at my house: 1. NEVER put formula in a sippy cup and 2. NEVER put any other liquid other than formula in a bottle. Bottles are for formula and sippy cups are for everything else. You want juice, ok, here’s a cup. That way, the kids get used to getting liquids from another source than the bottle. Why would you give chocolate milk or Coke in a bottle? God damn it, people.


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Wow, that seems to be more of a touchstone with you than the shit at work !!!

I would like to add, of course, my own two cents.

I agree that a child will flourish if they are offered food, regardless if they eat it or not (one of mine has my never ending admiration for reaching over a piece of chocolate cake to grab a handfull of brocoli . . . and then putting ketchup on it.) That doesn't mean that they don't need boundaries. Our house rule is if you don't finish your supper, you can't have dessert or sweets, but you can have fruits or veggies anytime if you find you are hungry later.

Sippy cups, bottles, drink of water , glass of milk .... some fights never seem to end. Good times. A woman I admire for the way she raised her children somehow managed to let her daughter ruin all of her baby teeth by sleeping with a sippy cup. I know this person is not a lazy parent but it really let me know that every parent has battles they just don't win.

I love em - but they are making the voices in my head sound more appealing all the time.

2:57 PM  

As you know, my bottle philosophy is the same. Bottles = formula, sippy cup = milk and water.
Honestly, Lauren packs food away like no other kid I've ever seen. She certainly is not starving. On the other hand, what is one more month? In Jon's defense, at least he cares about her nutrition and health. Too many other parents couldn't give a shit.

4:02 PM  

Very true Princess. It's just going to be a long month. Come Feb 3, that bottle is OUTTA here!

4:13 PM  

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