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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stupid Girl

So I forgot to post that I almost killed my car on Friday. Who knew that if you don't have your scheduled oil change (only 6 months late...) in an unreliable car, that it might possibly run out of that precious oil? Yeah, I'm a dumbass. I was driving along and the oil light flickered and it scares the bejesus out of me since I've heard that once the light comes on, you should stop driving immediatley or you risk your engine seizing and you're in for a thousand dollar treat for you car. So, since it just flickered I decided to try and make it home. I made it home and in comes the neighbor mechanic who then proceeds to put in 3 bottles of oil just make it show up on the dip stick. Apparently, my car leaks oil. Who would have known since that car leaks every kind of fluid you put into, except gas. Oddly enough, we get great gas mileage.

There is my stupid girl moment. Although, my stupid boy husband drives it just as much as I do. So much for all guys being into cars.


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Sometimes 'guys being into cars' means just that. I am a guy and I get into cars. The extent of my knowledge about cars can be summed up in the sentence 'The dashboard lights scare me too' !!!

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