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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another Weekend Gone

It's Sunday night and another weekend has come and gone. A lot of the same old weekend stuff, mostly laundry, kept me busy.

On Saturday while Jon went golfing, Lauren and I went to the park with Auntie Sarah and Cousin Jillian. You know, if you get to the park early enough, you have it all to yourself. The two girls had tons of fun and I was hoping that the excursion would tire my sweet baby out.

No such luck.

We had pictures scheduled at 1pm at the Superstore, so I wanted Lauren to be well-rested. Well, Lauren had other plans. Morning naps are normally a breeze and she goes down without a problem. Not this time. She refused to nap, so I got her up and fed her lunch (tuna, cheese and toast) which she then proceeded to mash into her hair. Bath Time! Then it was off to the Superstore. I'm thinking this is great, she's happy and being personable. Pictures shouldn't be a problem. She didn't take one good picture, not one good smile and when she did smile, she was on the move. Oye, 1 year olds...

The rest of the weekend went pretty much by in a blur. Jon went to a party on Saturday night and I stayed home since Lauren decided that the evening was a great time to cry constantly and hug me non-stop (not that I minded the hugging.)

Back to laundry... On another note, I haven't brushed my hair or gotten out of my PJ's and it's 8:30pm.


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