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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That's Right... Read the Script Like a Good Boy or Girl...

I've been having a bit more fun lately with the telemarketers. I highly recommend playing with them because well, it's so easy.

Visa called to offer me a no interest card. I told them that my sponsor really wouldn't like that what with my gambling addiction and all. And that yes, I understand it's no interest but do you understand that if I get this card, I'm going to rack up a HUGE debt and NOT pay you back? EVER?? No, I don't want your supervisor. You're enabling a gambling addict and damn it, that's just wrong. Click.

Primus called to offer me a $1 a month long distance phone plan. I asked if they had a $0.50 plan because a dollar a month seemed a bit pricey. No? Oh, well, do I get a free gift for signing up like a toaster or a football phone? Maybe a $50 Visa gift card? No, I don't collect Aeroplan points because those programs as scams. Seriously, maybe a $0.75 plan? I really can't afford that extra quarter. The guy on the phone started to laugh and just said thanks ma'am, have a nice day.

I can't wait for the day I can act offended because they dare to question that I make a trillion bagilion dollars a year, and that yes, in fact my technical job title IS "Butt Doctor."

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I can't wait either.

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