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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bad, Bad Appliance Mommy

I really shouldn't be allowed to own, operate or maintain any type of heavy duty machinery or appliance. Monday night, I managed to set my stove on fire. Twice. I had made some pudding Sunday night and it overflowed while in the boiling stage and I didn't clean up underneath the burner. So, when we tried to make supper on Monday night, Sunday night's pudding set aflame. Stupid me thought it was a great idea to pour a bit of water on to put it out. It wasn't a grease fire, but the fire was on the aluminum liner underneath the scalding hot burner. Cold water + white hot element = well, I was lucky this time not to have it explode.

The apartment was full of smoke and Lauren was pretty scared because the first fire wasn't little. We opened up all the windows and got the fan out to push out the smoke. And I'm standing there watching this thick smoke and wondering shouldn't there be some type of alarm going off here? We've always just assumed there was some sort of built in fire/smoke alarm in the building. Perhaps we should ask the LL about that one.

And then it happened again 10 minutes later. Just a small one this time, but still enough to scare Lauren. Whenever you turned on a burner, any burner, it smoked. So, we managed to finally get supper completed (so not worth the effort btw) and I banished the use of the stove until further notice.

Last night, I kicked the crap out that stove. I busted out the gloves and steel wool and got to scrubbin'. I don't think in the 4 years we've lived there, we've ever really cleaned the stove. I mean I'd clean the top of it when it got dirty, but never the burner insets, the elements, or under the range. Last night, it got a thorough clean. And I got some ugly ass burner covers so nothing gets splattered on the elements when we're cooking.

I swear if I see one lick of smoke come from the stove tonight, (shaking fist (shake harda boy!! - impound lot guy from the simpsons))


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