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Friday, June 20, 2008

Poopsy Daisy

I've written about Trinity being toilet trained before and many of you either don't believe me or just want to see her doing it.

Well here you go. My cat now officially hates me and is most likely plotting my death as we speak.


posted by LadyLipgloss at 9:33 PM

10 Comments: she blinking or pushing in that first pic?

7:50 PM  

Haha, I'd love to say pushing but she always blinks when the flash is on on the camera.

7:58 PM  

Maybe she doesn't hate you so much as she wishes she could get a little privacy.

Next step, teach her to close and lock the door ... maybe spray a little air freshener when she is done, and go heavens sake, put the magazines back in the rack.

11:49 AM  

Can she flush too?!!! That's amazing!!! Crazy that you were able to catch her in the act.

2:46 PM  

OK, that is the best thing I have seen on the internet in A LONG TIME! lol

4:01 PM  

I'm laughing my a$$ off here, that is hilarious.....funniest thing ever, that first pic made me burst out laughing, I thought the kitty was pushing one out! Too funny.

I know a few people who have potty trained their kitties and said it was a lot of work in the beginning but best thing they ever did!


4:24 PM  

Wow, you have your cat potty trained and my kid is peeing on play structures at the mall!! Doh, haha.

9:20 PM  

This is too funny! Laughing out loud right now. And the comment from jackamo just made it that much better. hahahahaha

9:45 PM  

Please teach me how to get my cat to do this!!! It'll be a kitten and is coming in a few weeks!

2:40 AM is how we did it.

8:16 AM  

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