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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No Witty Title For This One

Happy Belated Canada Day! It's been a doozy. It's been drama, drama, drama around the Carson household since 2am last night when Jon and I heard some unusual noise.

Jon was getting into bed last night when these noises started. It sounded like things were being thrown around and I initially thought it was coming from Lauren's room, like she was chucking toys around but quickly ruled that out when we both jumped out of bed and ran into the living room. The sound was out in the hallway. Sounded to me like someone stumbling around drunk, like really drunk. Jon thought it sounded more like pounding. Well, we were both right. Then CRASH! Like someone dropped a box of dishes, then the building front door slammed and I saw a car peel out of our driveway narrowly missing a parked Jeep. I recognized the car and right away knew it was the loud girl. Jon checked out the hallway only to discover she had kicked out the glass in our landlords front door. He was out cleaning up the mess and Jon offered a hand but only left our broom in the end. We went to bed and I made a note to vacuum the hallway if the LL hadn't.

In the morning, I vacuumed the tiny leftover shards and out of curiosity looked down the stairs. No surprise, there was a trail of blood leading all the way out the door.

Fast forward to about a half hour ago. Jon was talking to the LL and found out that after the loud girl peeled out, she was completely loaded and drove head on into oncoming traffic and is now in the ICU. Well, that explains the multiple sirens we heard go by about 15 minutes after the incident last night.

Like holy shit, what do you say to that? I guess we won't have to worry about her waking Lauren up any more. No one knows why she was so pissed when she got here. Maybe we won't ever know. Not that it's my business anyway.

More drama? OK, a loved one today threatened someone with a murder/suicide and is now in the psych ward at the DECH. This person has had some issues in the past few months (or so I thought) and the second floor is the best place for him. He needs professional help and I'm glad he's there, if only he could have gone through the proper channels. Apparently last year, there was a rehab stint kept very hush hush. We only found out today. I feel so helpless for this boy. He needs love and support from the two people who stupidly don't realize he so desperately yearns for it. How do they not know they need to be there, not in a few days but NOW? Yeah he pushes you away, but I suppose it's because he doesn't think you'll stick around long enough to really care about him anyway. It's terrible but I really believe that too. I shake my head and thank god that Jon will always be by his side when he needs it.

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I feel badly for Jon and the boy. It's alot of pressure and responsiblity for Jon. But thank goodness Jon is there for the boy.

1:32 PM  

Oh, how the tables have turned, when I first came along, I was the pot smoking no good for nothing of my family, and big sis was the responsible one!

9:37 PM  

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