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Monday, December 18, 2006


In the past week and one day, I have worked a total of 2 days and 1 hour which equals 17 hours. Half the time off was sick time and the other half was vacation. If you don't include the sick time, I don't feel too bad about missing time. Although, I can't help but think all the missed time won't be over-looked. Even though I have valid reasons for being absent on those sick days, it could be looked at as abusing the sick policy. Luckily for me, there isn't work for me to do since I am in-between projects at the moment and I wasn't really missed. So, what are ya gonna do?

Here's something funny. A friend of mine has a new kitten. He's a pretty feisty little guy that loves to get into everything and basically tries to destroy whatever he can get his paws on. Today, he tried something new that makes me feels better about my own rebellious kitty and her tub-pooping ways.

He peed in the dryer.

Note the pee puddle inside his curled tail.


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All I can say is "Bad kitty, bad bad kitty" The dryer is a place of peace and love. A place of tranquility and serene introspection. It is not to be degraded with the mundane considerations of merely being.

What the hell does a cat think a dryer is? Seriously. In thousands of years of evolution and domestication, when did we sit down with the cat and explain that not all stains are removable with your tongue?

I think the answer to this little issue is quite clear. We need to buy more stuff. I don't know why that is that is the answer, but it seems to be the solution to 90% of my problems so I thought I would wing it.

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Well pretty pissy pants must have decided we needed a new dryer, which isn't wrong, but peeing in it doesn't make that happen faster...just makes me smell like pee when I dry my

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