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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok, someone needs to hold an intervention for Ms. Spears. She managed to go 8 years without any major flashes. One week with Paris Hilton and there have been 3 incidents of her showing off her va-j-j. I'm sorry, but speaking as a mom, I would never put myself into that type of situation that could potentially mortify my children in the future when all of their friends are like, Remember when your mom wore that shirt that said "M.I.L.F. in Training"? Yeah, well, we saw her naughty bits and we're in for a piece of that action! Gross. Put on some underwear and get the hell away from Dirty Skank Paris Hilton.

That comeback you were talking about? Forget it. You've just alienated your most loyal fans (yes, I used to love the Britster) by re-enforcing your white trash redneck roots. And you have the same amount of class as a Vivid girl.

Oh wait, at least they get paid good money for showing of their goods. I'd pay to have that Britney girlie-bit picture burned out of my brain.

Update: Mother f***ing Christ, she did it again last night! Where the hell is her family to kick her in the ass and make her cover up that shit?? Maybe I should consult some divorcees and see if this flashing is a normal part of divorce. Does divorce = poon-showing, no-panties rebellion?

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 1:41 PM


Some very important questions 'spring' to mind.

How did I miss the news?
How did I not peg you as a 'Britster supporter'?
How did I miss the blog about applesauce?

I also want to know when I got old but that may not be related to this issue.

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