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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hot Crazy Mama

I visited a friend's house over the weekend and spied a scale under her bench in the kitchen. I haven't weighed myself for at least 6 months, so I decided that I shoud probably just do it and get it over with.

I step on and look down. I stare at the numbers, blink a few times and look again.

"Um, is this scale accurate?"

"Let me see." I move off and she steps on. "Yep, it's right on."

And it's official, I have kicked pregnancy weight ass! I'm down to 1 pound less than my pre-pregnancy weight. At good old 117lbs. Could I be more excited?? I don't think so!!

The best part about the whole thing is that I didn't try, not for one second, to lose this weight. It literally just came off. Sure, it took a year but required no effort at all. And I am all about no effort work-outs.

So, take it from me ladies. It can be done without going to the gym. All you need is a really big anxiety problem that lets you sit down for no more than a half hour at a time before the need to clean/tidy something becomes too much for you to ignore any longer.

"Uh yeah, hi there. It's me, the cup on the half wall. Listen, I really need to be taken off this shelf and put in the dishwasher. Right and while you're there, run the dishwasher, do Lauren's dishes, sweep the floor, change the garbage and clean up Jon's desk because you know he won't do it himself. Oh hey, I hear the dirty towels calling from your room. Something about wanting to be cleaned and folded neatly by size and color and put into the closet."


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How come you never hear all the screams of "Clean me" coming from my house?

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Yeah, yeah but where are the pictues of the kid in her costume?? Huh? Huh??


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