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Sunday, February 10, 2008

And All Things Nice

It's official. The tom-boy has left the building; we have a girlie-girl on our hands.

On any given day, this how you'll find Lauren. Well, either this or in her Cinderella dress. She got a huge stash of dress up ballerina and princess clothes for Christmas and she's been putting them to good use. Beautiful, isn't she? Though I would imagine it's hard to pirouette in those high heels.

Forgive, forget and move on.

"He who searches for friends without faults, will never have a friend."- Unknown


posted by LadyLipgloss at 9:13 PM


She is beautiful! I think "princess" is in this year because I have one too. One who loves the shoes and the dresses and can't forget the wand.

Like the quote today too. Very thought-provoking.

11:14 AM  

Love love love love this picture!

Amy: "Lauren, don't you look cute"

Lauren: "Uh un"

3:33 PM  

Hmmm...she must save the tomboy thing for me. And my legs have the bruises to prove it. LOL

5:23 PM  

GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!

9:06 PM  

she is so beautiful.......

1:05 PM  

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