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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Even Breathing Can Kill You

I heard about a new study that links adolescent girls weight gain with popularity. If you think you’re not popular, you gain weight. All the girls in the study gained but 60-something% of those who had low self-esteem and were unpopular gained twice as much. Now, this may surprise some, but I was both unpopular and had low self-esteem when I was a teenager, yet I was still normal weight.

What irritates me about this study is with this “knowledge”, how do you fix the problem? Hmm? You don’t. No matter what expensive programs you put into place, there will always be unpopular kids. Kids will have low self-esteem. Why? Because it’s human nature not to like everyone and to compare ourselves with others, making us unhappy with our own flaws. And good parenting can only take your kids so far and let’s not forget all those crappy parents out there.

This “study” was a waste of time and money. God, I was just talking to Jon last night about how useless so many of these medical research studies are. Who cares if that glass of red wine might give me a .05% greater chance of heart disease? Give me solid, indisputable facts, like smoking gives you lung cancer and contracting HPV can cause cervical cancer. I’m through with wishy-washy studies that are useless and only make people paranoid to use deodorant with aluminum because some study says that it might, possibly, slightly, but probably not increase your risk of cancer.

Seriously, if you stopped doing all the things these researchers have told you, you'd be dead.

Stop wasting millions of dollars that could be used for finding a CURE. I’m not saying to stop researching causes for cancer or other illnesses, but consider the likelihood of your research being useful.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the major study that found that soldiers sent into combat had more stress than normal people. Really?? Holy shit! I never would have put the two together. Damn… The things you learn.

Obese emotional eaters are not fat because they’re unpopular. They’re fat because they eat crappy food to feel better. I don’t know any emotional eaters who reach for fruit and vegetables to get comfort. Besides that, I strongly feel that all these studies to find causes for obesity are just a ploy at passing the buck. “I’m not fat because I eat, I’m fat because my daddy didn’t say I love you enough.” Or “I’m not fat because I’m too lazy to get up and start moving, I’m fat because the TV/video games made me sit inside all day.”

Damn you society of non-accountability!!!

I'm not being judgemental or hypocritical; I watch too much TV, eat tons fast food, I constantly over-eat and I don't exercise. I am 5'2" and 115lbs. I have good genetics and will one day pay for it once my metabolism slows down. But it will be my own fault and I can't blame anyone for it, nor should I. Because I am LAZY and UNMOTIVATED. That's not society, that's all me, baby.

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 10:30 AM


Nice read.

I for one definitely don't reach for veggies and fruit when i'm eating due to emotions - come on junk food and grease !!

5:35 PM  

Hear hear!! Accountability - what is that? Certainly nothing that this society applies to life! I'm with you - poor eating habits and inactivity cause obesity (for the most part - I know genetics is a strong factor too). Get our kids off the couch and processed food and not only will they slim down, there will be alot less ADD, ADHD and other behaviour disorders.

6:48 PM  

Too true!!!!

Let's all live in wait, the material they use to make the bubble is plastic and plastic may contain something that could possibly cause cancer.

9:29 AM  

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