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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ka-Ching $$

You know what I love? Driving along quietly and the car stalls in the middle of the street. And then won't start again. Woohoo!! Another repair bill!! Yay me!


It would have to happen when Lauren was with me. Good thing I was just down the street from Erika's house when it happened. Erika came and got Lauren so she wouldn't have to wait with me in the cold car, for what seemed like forever, for the tow truck to come tow the god damned piece of shit sent with love from Lucifer himself. I told the nice man from Capital towing to drop it in a lake if he felt like it on the way to the mechanics. He laughed. I was serious, dead-serious.

This is the THIRD issue with the Death'O'Matic in 4 weeks. And we haven't even finished paying for the first repair. I'm past the why-me-jeebus?-why-me?? phase now and have moved nicely along to the take-an-aluminum-bat-and-do-the-"repairs"-myself phase. Now to make a stop over to my SIL's house for the bat. Why not make it a family affair and let my nephews at it? I'm sure they'll love to beat the shit out of it with us. Awww, what a scrapbooking moment! Note to self: bring camera. Second mental note: hide photos from insurance company.

Anyone want to co-apply on a car lease for me? Ignore the debt management stuff and look at the stellar never-late, never-missed 4-year payment history for our current bitch-slap of a car.

Come on. Any takers?

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 9:58 PM


Sorry to hear about the car troubles.....that really sucks.

On another note though....I LOVE your new blog format!

10:15 AM  

Totally know where you're coming from ... can completely sympathize. Hope it all works out. Maybe Santa will bring you a car lease?

11:19 AM  

its insured right? burn it?

12:01 PM  

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