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Friday, January 04, 2008

SPCA on SpeedDial

I know a lot of you out there have pets, including me. I rant about my jerk of a cat, but at the end of the day I love her and wouldn’t trade her for anything. It makes me very, very sad to know that there are people out there who don’t give their pets the love and respect they deserve.

They seem to have a skewed view of how an animal should be treated. A dog should not be tied up all day out side and then locked in a basement at night. A dog is a pack animal and needs to be with its owners. Sure, you treat a dog like a dog and not like a human. Well, dogs are a lot more socially like people than you’d think and you can’t ostracize them because that’s neglect.

If you can’t afford the basic necessities for your animal (that includes regular trips to the vet) then you should not get one. And you can’t just pick up some random dog from god knows where, or even a reputable breeder, if that dogs’ personality doesn’t mesh with your way of life. For example, I would never get a dog that needs a lot of exercise because I just do don’t exercise. I need a dog that’s just as lazy as me (and yes there are those types of dogs out there, I’ve looked.)

And what did you think would happen if you let your not-fixed pet out unattended all day? You would think you’d get a clue and fix them. Or maybe let them spend some time inside.

Hyper dog? Exercise it and get some obedience training. It doesn’t take a god-damned rocket scientist to know how to properly own and raise a dog. It takes common sense and some research.

I HATE irresponsible pet owners and I will call the SPCA if I see something that’s not right. Your fur-baby deserves better than you.

I'm too upset to read this over again, so please ignore typo's and grammar.

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 12:25 PM


Well said Ladylipgloss - hear hear!

If only people really did match their personalities with their pet choice, and if only everyone had common sense.

I think it's an issue that is a lot more noticeable and closer to the heart when you are a pet owner, and you see first hand how much attention, and care a pet takes, it is just like a child. You have to teach them right from wrong, keep them groomed, obedient, healthy physically and mentally. A lot of work with a lot of rewards.
And the less work you put into it, the unhealthier they are, sad!

6:11 PM  

Great post

6:15 PM  

I am the owner of the hyper dog you are referring to. Except I have two of them. And I love them dearly but I do complain about them an awful lot. Although they are waaaaay better, now that I don't have a tennant for them to bark at. But I promise to try to be a better dog owner...I'm going to go scratch their bums right now!


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