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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

APB - My Coat Hates Me

I put all my jewelry in the inside right pocket of my coat on the way out the door this morning. Well, at about 9:45am I remembered to put my rings on. So I reached down and the pocket is completely empty. Nothing in there – Nada. I then realized there was a hole in the pocket and all my jewelry (necklace, earrings and rings) is in the liner of my coat. I pull everything out, one piece at a time except I don’t find my engagement ring. I searched my coat thoroughly and found that the hole not only leads inside the liner but it also had a hole to the outside of the coat.

Somewhere between the Lunar Rogue parking lot and Carleton Place is my ring. I searched for it but you know, the snow makes that job really fucking hard. I called home and Jon couldn’t find it. I called the sitter and it wasn’t there.

So, I lost my engagement ring this morning. I know a lot of you work downtown, so if you happen to be on my side of King St today, please have a look. It’s white gold with 3 diamonds.

I have hated that coat from day one, but it was a gift so I wore it, even though it was two sizes too big. My coat is out to get me and if it could feel pain, I would kick the crap out of it. But it doesn't so it really doesn't seem worth the effort. I'll be at my desk moping if anyone needs me.


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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, that really sucks!
I wish I was downtown to look for you!
Hope it turns up.

2:39 PM  

I e-mailed my SIL to let her know to look down, she usually walks to KP at lunch hour so since I'm not downtown I have someone looking for you.

I hope, hope, hope you or someone you know finds it. I'm not downtown anymore so I can't be of any help but I'll send positive vibes your way.

Let the establishment know your looking for it too, by chance someone might come into their store with it.

2:07 PM  

Hey, Sorry to hear you lost your ring - I'm pretty sure i'd kick the shit out of the coat anyway. Hope it shows up somewhere.....and your day turns around.

7:29 PM  

Oh wow! that really sucks alot :( I lost my wedding band in the states last year it's one of the worst feelings imaginable :( Do you suppose that posting flyers with the offer of a reward would work? I sure hope you find it :(

1:29 PM  

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