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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Ripped That Bitch a New One

I found it!!! Or rather Lenora found it once I ripped the liner out of the coat and didn't find anything. She sat down next to the spot where I butchered my coat and said "What's that?" and there it was!!!

My engagement ring!

It's back where it belongs. On my finger!


There will be no funeral for the coat. It doesn't deserve it.


posted by LadyLipgloss at 9:17 PM


Congrats on finding your ring. Must have made you totally sick to your stomach to find everything else but that. Happy day!!

2:53 PM  

And you will leave them on from this point on, right?

5:47 PM  

I'm so happy for you....that is such a great find....thank goodness.

10:55 AM  

ok but now you have to post in the building that you found your ring so there will be harmony once again in Carleton Place.

11:10 AM  

Haha, no way. I was just happy that no one was around this morning when I took the sign down. I almost died when I put up the sign and someone saw me.

But feel free to spread the word.

11:40 AM  

Yay ! I'm happy for you :-)

4:37 PM  

I'm so happy you found smarten up and stop taking your rings off!

Do you think Jon would have bought you a new one?

In which case, hide it, tell him you lost it, and wait for the bling to come your way.

I'm just saying...

4:34 PM  

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