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Friday, October 19, 2007

Would She? Maybe...

I just read a news article about a 9-year old boy from Quispamsis who saved his mothers life by performing the Heimlich maneouver on her when she choked on a piece of pear. She got his attention by banging her hands on the cupboards as he was in the next room.

I really hope when Lauren gets older that she'd do the same for me if something like that were to happened. Although I'm sure it'll probably go something like this, "God mom, would you stop banging the friggin cupboards! I'm trying to watch TV!!"


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you are absolutely, uneqivically terrible, just terrible I say.....that lovely little girl would never do that, it would be more like this....

L walks into the kitchen, pops out her ear buds from her loud I-Pod music and says get up mom I need food

12:45 PM  


1:25 PM  

It only stands to reason because that is still what you'd say to mom now! :)

9:30 AM  

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