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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Observations Like ...

* So far this year as of Jan 1, 2007, I have had 23 migraines. TWENTY THREE! Um, I'm no genius but I don't think these pills that I've been on since December are working. Just a thought. Maybe it's time to try something else. Last year between March 12 and June 19, I had 3 migraines. This year? 15, yeah, 1-5. FIFTEEN. Something is not right here folks!

* No Jon, I don't think it's sexy when you strike a male model/Playgirl pose. Seriously when I say I want to rip your arms off and club you with them, I mean it. Stop posing! I'm getting pretty angry just thinking about you doing it. God damn it. If it helps you put my anger into perspective, watching you pose, is like me kicking you the balls repeatedly and not stopping even when you beg me to. Point? Knock it off!

* I love my kid, but she's started the Terrible Two's and I think I may shoot myself. Freaking out and screaming because you can't get your shoe off/on/off/on will drive mommy to an early grave.

* Seriously Jon, I mean it. Stop, please.

* Saturday I got my hair chopped off. I broke my own rule and got a short hair cut. Think a slightly longer version of Victoria Beckham. My longest layer is to my chin. And I like it, even though I can no longer do a ponytail.

* My Father's day plan worked. Next year's Mother's Day better be good. I'm sure it won't be hard to beat this years nothing.

* Lauren hates swimming in the big pool. Gee, I wonder where she got that from...

* I realized this week that I'm a sweetie on the outside and a royal bitch on the inside.

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posted by LadyLipgloss at 12:38 PM


ok so what the HELL is up with getting nothin' for Mothers Day - freaks is what they are.....gawd! You need to guilt better than that my dear.

2's - nuff said

can't wait to see your new doo

its the candy coated shell doncha know?

1:06 PM  

Haha, For Father's Day, Lauren and I got Daddy a present and hand made him a card. Then I made him a pancake breakfast. I pretty much treated him like gold the whole day, except when he asked to go golfing. You gotta draw the line somewhere. I said we'll talk next year.

1:41 PM  

LOL - I like your style girl....

11:23 AM  

Father's day should come before Mother's day so we can show them how we expect to be treated. It is like they forget our disappointment from the year before for their lack of effort on their gifts!!!

PS...I liked your haircut...I did notice yesterday when I ran into you but I never mentioned it...we were both in a hurry.

9:09 AM  

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