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Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Hot Car-on-Car Action

My parents rarely let me take our second car (a brown Sundance) to school when I got my licence. Seemed a wee bit unfair since my sister got to drive the Blue Bomber (second car at the time) to school practically everyday of her last year in high school. So when they actually let me have it, I was super happy. I would pick up my friend Heather Mac, and we would laugh at the bus losers as we drove by.

However, one fateful morning, karma kicked us square in the ass. Heather lived at the top of Carrington and the easiest way onto the bridge would be to go down Douglas and turn Left onto Maple, which led us directly onto the bridge.

I'm sitting there at the stop stop sign, waiting for a car to wave me into traffic on Maple. A nice car stops and signals for me to pull out. I let my foot off the brake, was hovering over the gas as I look left to make sure it was clear when


This stupid little car, I think it was a toyota but it felt more like a tank, had decided to park itself halfway into my front end.

Heather kept saying "Oh my go, oh my god" and all I could do was to tell her to shut up and get out of the car. Nice, huh?

Anyway, we get out, I make sure we're all ok and then I run into a neighboring house to call my parents and ask what to do. Next thing I know, the police are there and so is my dad to drive us to school. The driver of the stupid tank backs out of my car and parks on a side street while it takes a couple of strong guys to roll mine out of the intersection. I'm standing on the corner with Heather as we watch bus after bus drive past with the bus losers pointing and laughing at us. Sucked to be us that day. I didn't get to drive a car to school for awhile after that.

I have to say though. That lady must have been driving on the curb in order for her hit me the way she did. I hadn't even hit the gas and she plowed into me. Still since it was at a stop sign, it was technically my fault. I think she just wanted a new car and saw an opportunity because believe this, the driver of the tank wrote off her car! She drove it away from the accident and wrote it off! Can you imagine? My parents ended up paying like $5000 just to fix that brown shitbox. Piece of crap wouldn't even start if it was raining out and they had to pay to fix it. Insurance, you ask? I think it was only covered under comprehensive.

Moral of the story: Be nice to others or some bitch will give you a 3000lbs steel reminder.


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That was random...

The parents let me take the car because they didn't like picking me up from my part-time job every day.

Hee hee hee...we called you Crash for months.

3:10 PM  

I've crashed my car only twice. Once was on the way to work going down York Street in my white Tempo. The lady pulled out of the Student Loans building, across two lanes of traffic. I drove right into her front end. I was coming down the hill into the turning lane and a big green minivan prevented me from seeing her pull out. Boy was her car wrecked but mine didn't even have a scratch.
The other time I wrote off my car completely. It was a single vehicle accident. Picture it: Rusagonis, December was snowing, I drive home, hit some black ice, do a few 360's, hit a mailbox and broke it clean off at the post, rolled the car 1 and a half time landing on the roof in a ditch. Fun!!! My cross stitching stuff was all over the place, my hubcabs were found way in the woods later, a rock that I painted as a kid (Mom gave it back to me and I had it on the floor of the car and forgot to take it into the house)flew past my head and smashed my driver's side window out. That is how I got out of the car because all four door were crushed.
Moral of my story is that I lived and am immortal.

5:37 PM  

"shut up and get out of the car"

LOL!! Love it

1:45 PM  

Damn g - my only accident was in Rusagonis too! I spun my dad's truck on some black ice on New Year's Eve....on the way TO the party damn it.

I wrote off the truck, and the van I hit, knocked out a 10yr old who was coming home from a birthday party,and bled all over the phone of the neighbors house when I called for help. Of all the people in the accident (myself, the driver of the van, and the 6 kids in the van), the only one who complained was the moron with the bloody phone. (IF you don't like blood, dial 911 yourself dumbass)

By the way, no insurance either!

9:14 PM  

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