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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Observations like Grilled Salmon

* Asking me if I need any help 3 times in a five minute span, makes me not want to ask you when I actually need it.

* What the hell?? I'm standing at the corner waiting for the walk light and a woman blasts through the intersection with her infant in a stroller. Um, did you not see the traffic coming directly towards you, you dumb tit?!?

* Jon and I were sitting in the livingroom when Lauren runs past us. She stops at her book basket, looks at Jon and points yelling "STOP!" and continues running into her room.

* Getting on the elevator this morning, someone is changing the lunch menu sign and holds the doors open until they're finished. Might have taken an extra 5 seconds to change that sign but as soon as the door closes, some cranky ass starts bitching about it. "Nothin like holding us up. Why couldn't he have done that before? They open at 7!" If you were so concerned about that missed five seconds, how about walking up the stairs to the third floor the next time? Honestly, who takes an elevator to the third floor??? She had no bags or packages and was perfectly capable. Lazy and cranky. I assumed she worked for the government ;)

* After the crank bitch got off the elevator another lady says "That better be some good Grilled Salmon, for $64.99!" Gotta love typos.

It's been a boring week. What can I say.

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