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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Please Say Hello to Otis

Lauren had her 18mth check up and last round of vaccines today. Who knew just laying down on a bed covered in crunchy paper would be so scary? She did not like that and she cried the whole time the doctor was checking out her tummy. And she refused to stand still at the height chart. Between Jon, myself and Nanny (who happened to have an appt at the same time as us), we managed to fandangle her into standing straight for a millisecond. I'm sure the people in the waiting room thought we were all crazy over hearing us say, "Come on Lauren, please say hi to Otis the Elephant" and "Look it's Larry the Giraffe" "Please, baby, stand in front of the elephant and the giraffe so we can see what a BIG girl you are!" From the way she reacted to those 2D animals, you'd think they were trying to attack her and whispering things like "Yes Lauren, do what your mommy says so we can see what a tasty little thing you are...."

Then the needles came out. I'm sure in Lauren's eyes those things looked like they were ten foot long jack hammers loaded with molten lava. It took me and two nurses to hold her down. She was getting three shots, two at once and then the third. The first two went in and she started squirming and crying. Poor thing. Once the needles were out she recoiled into me and then Tanya went at her with the last needle. Once we got her leg still, the needle went in, and just when you thought it was over, Lauren grabbed the needle while it was stuck in her leg.

Mother of God, how the hell do you try and fix that one?? I didn't want to pull her hand back and risk pulling out the needle half way through and then have to re-stick her for the last half. So, what do I do? I left it there. She held on for dear life while Tanya pushed the vaccine in as fast as possible.

Poor kid, at least we don't have any more until she starts school, although I'm pretty sure that's no consolation to Lauren. The doctor office is stressful, I was exhausted and so was she. On the way to daycare, I had to fight the urge to pull over, cuddle up in the back seat with her and have a nap.


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Oh, that is awful. Poor thing.

3:51 PM  

ok thats a doozy of a story...I never had that - thank goodness......course my muffin just had one a few weeks ago and was ready to freak out but we convinced her it was a "good thing" and she did ok....she gave one huge scream and that was it and we said "hey all done no biggie right?", she said "I guess not".....

10:50 AM  

I know exactly what this is like. When Tori went for that needle the Dr. threw his hands up in the air and said I can't do this your going to have to her to the Public Health Nurses.

4:27 PM  

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