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Friday, June 01, 2007

Several Hot Showers Later

If you knew you were having company over, would you clean/tidy your house? Seems like a no-brainer. If I have people coming over to visit, I will do two things: tidy the living room and clean the toilet. With a toilet-trained cat, you never know what you might find. Let’s just say she’s been known to miss.

If you choose to live in filth and clutter, that’s your decision. Who am I to judge? But when I have to live a night at your home, please clean it up. At least give me a clean place to pee and brush my teeth. A friends home shouldn’t give me the skeevies, making me want to run away and take several hot showers. Honestly though, I knew it was going to be bad since we’re quite good friends but I didn’t think I would be so uncomfortable there sleeping over for one night. I’ll put aside sleeping on the world’s most uncomfortable hide-a-bed and having to use a couch cushion as a pillow because I was loaded and I would’ve slept pretty much anywhere. But getting up and ready to leave the next morning made me realize how truly yucky this place was. I can only thank the powers that be for having just a slight hangover and not having to throw up there. Oh, and ever since, I’ve been terrified that I have pinworms because one of their kids just had them. It doesn’t help that Jon knows about it and has been working very hard at making me paranoid about it. Bastard…

I really wish those crazy British ladies from “How clean is your house?” would visit New Brunswick. I would have the perfect candidates for them. I’ve been debating whether or not to post on this for a week and I may receive some backlash from this but I’m prepared to deal with that, if necessary.

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I've had the same experience. My husband and I spent the night at a friends (out of town) and his roomates were filthy pigs. I didn't even wait around to brush my teeth the next morning. I went to the nearest Irving to wash

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