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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!

Ok fine, I give. Uncle. Just stop mailing me and asking for money you never paid me to begin with. Yes, I'm talking to you blood suckers at RevCan. It's gotten to the point where finding one of those little brown envelopes in the mail makes me cringe and opening it reduces me to tears.

God damn it. How many times are they allowed to re-assess you in 2 years?? Cause by my count I'm upwards of 10-12. Seriously. Lay off.

The worst part about this last one was a re-assessment on GST. I don't get GST because I owe EI so they send my GST check directly to EI. Yet, I still owe them for an overpayment. Um WTF??? Whatever. Your damn check is in the mail.

I contemplated writing the check out to Receiver General a.k.a. Bloodsuckers or drawing a big angry face on the remittance slip or taking a picture of me giving them the finger and submitting it along with my check. But I thought better of it because you know they'd be all like "Fuck you too - AUDIT!!!"


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They have a way of being unrelentingly stupid. They will listen, they will promise to fix the mistake, they will give you a name or a number to track things. None of it works cuz next week your CRA Rep is working at Giant Tiger and the new rep speaks less english than the last.

4:23 PM  

It must be our family or something. Maybe were flagged? Mom and dad, and Mr and I have all had to bend over and take it up the ass from them.

4:48 PM  

I too have been audited the last two years...tuition stuff....2006 is the last year i've paid tuition, so maybe it will be my last audit...ya right...

6:13 PM  

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