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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Spiteful Little B****

My cat Trinity. Meanest, most spiteful creature there ever was. They say that black cats are by nature hard to deal with and high strung. They are soooo right. I swear she tries to burn a hole through my head by death-staring at me. When she looks at me with her furry little ears pinned back, I'm sure she's thinking "F*** you...." and "Die b****, die, die"

We have been trying to toilet-train Trinity for at least a year now. We decided that it would be healthier for everyone if we could do away with the cat litter. Our apartment is pretty tiny and one litter box is enough to stink up the whole place. We've done everything right and even used a special cat toilet-training device It's taken a long time and I think we've hit the point where she is just going to do whatever the hell she feels like and wherever she feels like doing it. I really feel like it's now a game to her. She will pee in the toilet 99.9% of the time, she'll even do it with us in the room, while we brush our teeth or when we're giving Lauren a bath. We give her treats when we see her do it and praise her. Good little kitty...

Pooping is a whole other story. It's more like a 25% chance she'll go in the toilet and 75% she'll go in the tub or elsewhere. Most of the time we have to constantly keep just enough water in the tub to cover the bottom. Can't poop with your feet in water, now can you? At one point, she would even use the bathroom sink! Ewww. So, we would put something in it so she couldn't. She's decided lately that the bathroom floor will also do in a pinch. Seriously, if you can pee in the toilet, why the hell can't you shit in it?? Because she's spiteful and likes to watch me get pissed off. She's toying with me and damnit! I don't think it's funny! Jon wants to give the litter box back to her. I haven't given up yet.

Sigh... On a grossness scale, though. Would I rather clean cat poop out of the tub or Lauren's curious mouth?


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My three year old has also decided there is no logical link between peeing in the toilet and pooping in the toilet.

On the other hand, he looks very cute when he puts his ears back

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