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Friday, February 12, 2010


**Last night, Miz Lauren wrote out all her own Valentine’s Day cards. She wrote all the kids names by herself, with a little help from mama of course. I showed her the letters she was unsure of but mostly she did it on her own. She even wrote her teachers name and told me not to help. She’s so grown up!!

**This morning, I asked Jon to “find something R-E-D” for Lauren to bring to color show and tell. Didn’t the little bugger say “how about dragon?” I didn’t mention anything about show and tell or toy and she understood what I spelled out! I grabbed the red dragon she was talking about and put it in her bag. I was so happy but I realize this is the end of spelling things out now.

**Ever get shocked in the ear? I have. Four times this morning. I was getting some Purolator packs ready with my headphones on and they were so full of static electricity that some how when I moved the packs, it sent a nice shock to my EAR. Thought it was a fluke and kept going. Shocked again. Got irritated but I really wanted to listen to my music so I kept going. ZAP! Third times the charm and I rip out my head phones. Do a couple of packs without music and decide maybe I’ll try one more time. ZAAAPPP!! Ahhh!! And then I started laughing hysterically.

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