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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sure Hope That Horse Shoe Doesn't Come Out...

It’s my lllllucky day!!

I had an appt this morning at the doctor so I dropped Jon off at work. Drove to the Regent Street clinic, had a GREAT appt with my doctor and then I left. I paid my three dollars to get out of the parking lot and just happen to glance down at the change tray of the parking machine and low and behold! There is a toonie and a loonie just sitting there (not mine, I heard them go in properly). So grab them and keep going! Free Parking!!

Then I parked in the garage next to my office and used the found three dollars for the three hours of parking I’ll need until it’s time to go get Jon.

So I’m working away, looking for a piece of paper in a storage box full of single pieces of paper and VOILA! There it is. Beautiful!

Our IT dept finally fixed the printer that's been broken since June, and I helped just a wee bit. Still, it's fixed!!

Then I get great news from Jon that the prescription I was given this morning at my wonderful appt is covered under our health plan. YES!! That just saved me $400.

Time to go get Jon! (Could there BE more exclamation marks?? Yup!!) So I go down the stairway at work and BAM! Almost run into my buddy Jack. I haven’t seen Jack since I left [Insert company name here], over 2 years ago. I practically got whiplash my head spun around so fast. What a great surprise! He now works on the next floor down. We’ll have to have lunch soon.

And then when I get back from switching out the car with Jon, there is cake waiting for me at work!! Yum!!

This has been such an awesome day so far and it’s only 2:00. Hopefully it doesn’t go downhill from here…

Everything is coming up Jenn!!


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hoping it's amonth of positives

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