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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Secret Bunny Killer

At what point do we say enough-is-enough when it comes to keeping information “confidential”? I don’t often write about people at [Corporate Life] but recent events have led me to this post. On three separate instances, I have witnessed people crying “that should be confidential” about the following:

A few months ago, a mandatory employee survey was sent out and to encourage people to get it done quickly, the incentive of cake was introduced. When twenty of the employees filled it out, there would be cake and then again when everyone had completed it. There was a sheet posted on the fridge in the kitchen and when you filled out the survey, you checked off your name. A couple of days later, the sheet was removed due to someone being upset that it was posted who hadn’t filled out the survey yet. Well, if you don’t want everyone seeing that you hadn’t completed the survey, COMPLETE THE EFFING SURVEY and CHECK OFF YOUR NAME! The survey is mandatory. Fill it out so the rest of us can have cake. Dumbass.

Prior to Casual Friday being company policy, we were able to dress down on Friday IF we paid a dollar that day and then donated the money to charity. At the beginning of December, it was time to figure out which charity to donate to. We sent out an email indicating a few choice charities to choose from as well as giving the option to submit to a different charity. Majority would rule. Well… Someone complained it should be “more confidential” than simply replying to the person who sent the email. So that email was recalled and we sent out a new one with vote buttons. Ok, seriously. Why is it confidential that someone might see that you like the SPCA over Breast Cancer Research??? It’s not like it was a competition between Save The Cute Fluffy Bunnies Society and Blow Those Fucking Bunnies Brains Out Society. All I could say for that entire day was “Seriously? Ugh…”

And then just today, a co-worker wanted to know the link to the document entitled “Birthday Info” (she’s the unofficial b-day party committee). Another co-worker asked what I was showing her, so I stupidly told her. Upon seeing that birth years were listed, she began questioning me as to why the years were listed. “That should be confidential… I don’t care but I know other people would… We need to delete the years…” and so on and so forth. I told her I was asked by a partner to add the years as he was doing some demographics for the office. That seemed to appease her for a little while then she came back yacking about bonuses and forced retirement and “why does my employer need to know the year of my birth??” Holy fuck lady. For someone who “doesn’t care”, you sure seem upset by it.

To sum everything up, people are stupid.


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in my experience people who go on and on about shit like that have very little else to do because if you were busy enough (like the rest of us) you wouldn't have time to make that your priority......I hate assholes like that.

3:23 PM  

Geez, this blog isn't very confidential.

The Anonymous Princess

8:12 AM  

hahaha - some ppl......

Moral was low one week at work (ok more than one week) I suggested we hve this 'fun' FREE bingo the following day....i mean we have loads of cards around the office for 'paid' games - and why not add a bit of 'fun'.....was told we couldnt have it because not everyone was working that day - and they woudl therefore miss out........ummm.....too f-ing bad? not 'confidentiality' stuff...but 'stupid' stuff....rrr

8:54 AM  

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