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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unleashing The Beast

** We had Lauren’s 4th birthday party last Saturday. All the kids had a great time and Lauren was super psyched to see all her old daycare friends there. She was playing on the front steps before the kids got there and I asked her to come out back since I was going to decorate and she wasn’t allowed to stay out front by herself. Lauren says to me “No. I want to wait out front for my customers!”

** Last evening, my sweet angel of a child turned into a RAGING LUNATIC and so did I. Out of food, we went to get groceries directly after work. Everything was going great until the checkout when Lauren decided she just didn’t want to listen anymore. We tried to get some food to-go at the deli counter but Lauren wasn’t having any part of that either. So I took 3 bags from the cart so Jon would have a place to put the deli stuff, he put her in my arms and off I went with my lunatic to find the car.

As soon as my feet hit the pavement, I turned into “that mother” and Lauren was “that kid”. There I was dragging a bawling Lauren by the wrist, shuffling the three bags in my arms, ranting about bad behavior while trying to find the car that Jon parked while I was in the store. Oh my god it was awful. As soon as we got home, Lauren went to her room until we decided it was time to release the beast. But by that time, she’d turned back into a good non-demon girl.

One funny part though and the reason I ended up dragging her by the wrist and not carrying her anymore. As I huffed out of the store carrying everything and everyone, Lauren yells "You're hurting my bits!!" I guess balancing her on my hip is hard on her bits now and everyone in the Superstore parking lot knows about it.

** Oh and thanks a LOT arseholes at work for not telling me about the piece of paper/Kleenex/napkin/whatever the hell it was that was stuck to my face ALL AFTERNOON.

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